Monday, November 20, 2017

Our Thanksgiving 2017 Tablescape

If you follow along on Instagram, you probably saw a sneak peek shot of my Thanksgiving tablescape. It's not the design I had originally planned a few weeks ago, but when I found this blanket at our local HomeGoods, I was inspired with a new design.

Since the blanket is a deep blue with other shades of blue and indigo in it, I kept everything else light and bright. If you look closely you can see there are 2 different plate patterns used. I learned years ago after having my first little one that having a collection of different style plates in all the same white won't stress me out if one breaks or chips. I simply go out and purchase another white plate and no one will ever know it's new to the hodge podge collection I have. Also with all white plates I can throw in any color I want and it works.

I found the perfect putty/grey colored napkins and while playing with a placement for them, I came up with this bowtie design using my Nate Berkus napkin rings which add just the right amount of bling along with my new silverware.

The silverware was another HomeGoods score. Our original set from our wedding is no longer complete. Pieces have gone missing or damaged in the garbage disposal so I was on the lookout for a new set. This set from Waterford is fancy enough looking for holiday dinners but not too fancy for everyday use. I love the mirror finish it has to it, can you see my reflection in it?

A few vintage touches mixed with modern keep it looking fresh. The goblets were from Ross years ago. On each side of the table I have a vintage silver shaker and a modern marble shaker paired together.

The centerpiece is a brass planter filled with candles, evergreen sprays, and twinkling string lights. surrounding that I have more sprays, oranges, white pumpkins, and a couple of candle sticks.


I have to thank the ORC I just completed for having a holiday tablescape designed well in advance instead of something thrown together the morning of. Getting this room redecorated for the challenge helped motivate me to do something a bit more put together for the holiday dinner. I can't wait to gather around it with family in just a few days. And yep still waiting on my chairs...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Fall ORC: Week 7- Dining Room and Entry Reveal Day!!!

Welcome to week 7, aka reveal day!!! Before this challenge I imagined our dining room as a welcoming and cozy space where we could entertain family and friends on holidays and every days. I wanted a space where guests would feel comfortable enough to linger longer at the table talking and enjoying each other's company and even maybe playing a game or 2 while sipping on after dinner drinks. Here is the design plan I thought would help give that feeling...

dining room and entry design

And here are a couple pictures of the room(s) before the challenge...

And here is what they look like today...

The entry became more welcoming with a bench and a pair of mirrors. (fun fact, we choose our entire exterior paint color theme because of this door color, Iron Mountain)...

Both rooms received some chunky chair molding to add to a less than character filled space...

The interior side of the door received some color in a light grey blue...

Before I show the dining room side, I must preface it by telling you you have to use your imagination and picture these chairs around the table. Unfortunately I did not receive an ORC miracle and am still waiting for my chairs to be shipped...

Do you have them in your head? I don't like full room shots but here you can see how everything is placed throughout the room...

In the original design I never planned on repainting the dining room. However I've always wanted a dark dining room, I think it adds to the cozy factor, and I fell in love with this color. It's a deep, deep navy that in some light almost looks black, I love how the molding pops against it...

And now some detail shots because those are my favorite!...

One last larger shot of each side of the rooms...

I'll share the space again once my chairs come in and it is 100% complete. Overall I'm in love with the spaces and I'm so happy there's at least one area in this new home that feels done. Also I can't wait to host family in here next week for Thanksgiving (don't ask me what we'll be sitting on, I haven't figured that one out yet).

Details are below as well as past posts if you'd like to see how I got to the end result. To see all of the other rooms completed during this challenge, visit Linda at Calling it Home. And once again thank you Linda, House Beautiful, and Home Love Network for hosting and getting me to move my butt and finish a room!


Past Posts:

Entry Details:

bench- Tuesday Morning
natural rug- Ross
mirrors- HomeGoods
white plaid pillow- HomeGoods
navy and green pillows- Target, Hearth & Home
"It's Good to be Home" sign- HomeGoods
door color (interior)- Valspar's Krypton
wreath on outside of door- Target
trim and wall below chair rail color- Valspar White Dove 
above chair rail wall color- Benjamin Moore's Pale Oak

Dining Room Details:

table- Pier 1
chairs- bought years ago
grey console- HomeGoods
table lamp- Target
lamp shade- World Market
white frame mirror- TJMaxx
gold framed art leaning on console- vintage
landscape art- Target
chandelier- Arteriors
pillows on chairs- Elements by Erin Gates from HomeGoods
table blanket- HomeGoods
candle sticks and holders- Target
brass dish- Target
fiddle leaf fig tree- Micheals
bar cart- Target
curtains- Ikea
curtain rod- HomeGoods
gold framed black and white art- HomeGoods
wall color above chair rail- Sherwin William's Inkwell

One it's Way:

dining chairs- Birch Lane

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Fall ORC: week 6- Chair Rail Molding

Welcome to week 6! Normally I would be showing you the reveal, but this time around we are given an extra week to get pictures done and will show the full reveal on week 7. This past week we finally got around to the molding. Originally we planned on a chair rail with picture molding below, however due to time constraints (I didn't think about the 2 weekends that were out for working before signing up for this challenge), we decided to do chair rail only for now, eventually we will add the picture molding and possibly crown...

I know there are quite a few chair rail tutorials out there but here is how we did it. The tools and materials we used were:

a table saw
a nail gun with compressor
finishing nails
laser level
fast drying caulk with caulking gun
wood filler (in white)
fine sand paper
semi gloss white paint (I used the paint the builder used for our indoor trim work so it matched but Valspar's White Dove matched nearly perfectly and is what I painted the wall below the chair rail)...

We ended up needing 7 strips of molding (I was a rebel and picked a door and window casing instead of traditional chair rail). I wanted a chunky type trim with a "ledge" to it. We began by adding trim to the walls where we could use an entire piece without cutting it. We cut one side at a 45 degree angle to fit into the corner and then measured how much we needed for the rest of the wall and cut into a new strip...  

Where we had to connect 2 pieces, we always joined them at a 45 degree angle to give it a more finished and professional look. Here's the end of 1 of the whole pieces used and where we needed to add more from another piece to fill the wall...

Once all of the trim is up, I used this caulk along the top and bottom of the chair rail as well as where 2 pieces of trim met...

Place it in the caulking gun and run it along the seams (I couldn't stop laughing during this picture because just before it was taken the caulk went crazy on me and Alex was making fun of me... never boring during a project)...

Only do a small area, and then wipe down with a sponge, pressing it into the seams (or with your finger first and then using the sponge to clean off the excess, like grout)...

Better but now it's time to fill those nail holes...

I found some white wood filler which makes it easier since the trim was going white afterwards...

I used my fingers again to press a small amount into each nail hole. You don't want to go overboard with it because it will cause a harder clean up. This is what it looks like afterwards...

Once it dries, take your sandpaper (don't use a sanding block, it doesn't work as well, trust me), and sand each area you put the wood filler. Also even though it makes for a prettier picture, I would advise on waiting until after the trim work is complete to get a manicure. Not sure what I was thinking but I had my nails done the morning before I did this...

Once all sanding is done, use a cloth to wipe off all the dust. Then you're set to paint. I used a semi gloss for some contrast against the walls which are in an eggshell...

I was afraid I would still want to do the picture molding right away thinking the chair rail wasn't enough, but I love the character it has brought to the room that it didn't have before. I'm not usually a big fan of chair rail only but I think because I used a thick and chunkier piece than traditional chair rail, it works for my picky taste.

Now to clean up the tools, stage, and photograph... And no I still don't have my dining chairs, I'm still hoping for an ORC miracle but I'm thinking I may have to do a reveal take 2 once they come in, come December. I did however find a bench for the entry (did you see the peek of it at the top of the post?). The color matches our dining table perfectly! I'll share more of it next week along with all sources.

To see the other rooms racing to the finish line, visit Linda at Calling it Home.

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