Friday, February 26, 2010

The Nursery is finally complete!

I finally completed the nursery yesterday! It has turned out just how I wanted. I didn't want anything too babyish or anything that screamed "It's a Boy"... I decided to go neutral with a few touches of boy instead. This also serves as a guest room so it had to be comfortable for adult guests who stay in there. The entire nursery was done for under $75.

(of course we aren't starting the baby out in a toddler conversion. My 2 year old is still sleeping in here for the next couple of weeks until he goes into his big boy bed with his older brother... then it will be converted back to a crib)

The art work above the crib was done by cutting out hot ait balloon shapes from scrapbook paper and decoupaging it one to canvases. The smaller canvas I already had and the large one I found on clearance for $5 because there was a little 1/2 inch sized slit in it which is now covered by a balloon.

This was the glider before...

And here is the glider afterwards. It's not reupholstered in what I had planned at first but to save money I used some sheets we've had forever but never used... they were teh right color and still in the original package and best of all were free! The lamp was a recent purchase and find from Goodwill. The base ($12) used to be a faux finished looking brass color but I decided to paint it white thinking it would go well with my $2.99 lamp shade find at the same place. The inside even has the gold foil to it to make the light more warm! The 2 art pieces are just cavases I purchased on sale and covered with some wrapping paper I had.

The bookshelf is from Walmart for only $15. You can't tell in the picture but instead of using the backing that came with the package we used beadboard we had in the garage left over from a former project. I'm thinking of adding some thin molding to the front eventually to make it look more high end as well. All of the accessories we already had laying around the house and most have a sentimental value to them. (The frames will hold future pictures of our new little one once he arrives).

The changing table we put in the closet (we may still paint the inside and take off the doors but haven't done it just yet). The changing table is an old dresser I found at Goodwill this past summer for only $8. Alltogether I spent around $25 for the dresser, new hardware, and everything else to give it new life. You can read more about the transformation here at my old blog.

Here is the daybed for our guests when they come over. We've had this for a few years already but got a great deal on it! We paid only $199 for it because if you look closely (and even then it's hard to tell) the back and sides are 2 different shades of white. We love it and even more love the price we paid for it. The quilt was where I got my color inspiration from. The quilt we purchased at the same time of the bed. I used 2 different sets of shams we already had to help soften the back of the bed.

A little shelf to hang pretty things from. Again the frames above the daybed will hold pictures of our new little one once he arrives.

And that's it! I'm so happy with how it turned out... classic, eclectic with no apparent theme! I can't wait to meet out newest little guy and introduce him to his new room... less than 4 weeks left to go!

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our furgaly designed nursery! (is that even a word?)


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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Layering Frames

I love the look you get when you layer frames or nest your frames inside one another on the wall.
The pieces fit perfectly into the first frame (the dark brown) but were just too little for the wall where they hang. I had 2 extra frames (the gold), one without the glass in it, and decided to layer them around the first. They fit perfectly and almost look like they are one piece because of how snug they almost are with each other. I think layering frames make a small frame look more important and substantial.

They are 2 of my favorite pieces in our home. They are my kids' silhouettes we had done at Disney (they were done at different times, hence the different sizes). It's a tradition that we will gladly carry on with our next one who is soon to join us. He will have his done on his first trip to the Magic Kingdom just as the other 2 have. My dad worked at Disney for years and me and my sisters all had these done when we were young. I always said when I have kids I will have theirs done the Magic Kingdom.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Homemade Message Boards

I love the message/cork boards that Ballard Designs sells, you know the ones that come in a pretty frame, however the price tag for them is way too steep for my budget. I've also seen them sold at HomeGoods but it's still more than I want to pay for a cork board, a pretty cork board, that looks pretty easy to make.

I love to collect frames from thrift stores as well as the damaged bins at my local JoAnn's. Usually the glass is missing but the frame is in great condition. Here are some frames I had that I have made into message boards to hang around the house. They are perfect for displaying my kids' art work, pictures, and messages to hubby...not too mention they are pretty and were very easy to make... and a fraction of the cost if I were to buy one already made.

(these were both found at a local Goodwill)

(This one was in the damaged bin at JoAnn's for a fraction of the original cost if it had still had the glass)

The process to make them is easy as 1,2,3,4.

1. I use poster foam board for the backing in which I cut the same size as the frame opening.

2. Then I trace that same size foam board onto a sheet of cork which you can purchase at your local craft store, and cut that out.

3. I then glue the cork onto the foam board with hot glue because it is the fastest (work your way little by little from one side to the other).

4. Then place into the frame without glass and hang somewhere to enjoy!

It's super easy and doesn't take much time, even with 2 little ones running around you and your work area playing Batman!



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