Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Family Room Reveal

Ok so it's not 100% done but being that this baby will be joining us any day this is just about as far as it will be getting for a while, maybe another accessory here and there if I find what I'm looking for.

If you're wondering why I didn't turn that light on for the picture, it's only there for beauty not for function... there are no floor outlets so in order to use it we would have to have a cord laying in the middle of a walkway.

The pillows go perfectly with my curtains. The patterened pillows really help pull all of the colors together.

My beloved clock which now does not work... it fell and broke during the move. I need to buy a new clock mechanical piece (not sure what it's called) to replace this one in hopes that will make it work again...

My layered silhouette pictures along with a deal from HomeGoods. I found this art piece about 2 years ago on clearance for $25 if I remember the right price.

A close up of the pillows in their new spot...

I debated what to put on this back wall and was going to go with some sort of collage with a series of maps or prints from a book but instead opted for an original painting I had my boys do on a piece of canvas that was on clearance at the craft store. I would love to keep adding to that wall more of the masterpieces they create in the future.

I had them use colors pulled from the printed pillows.

Excuse Batman who jumped into the picture... We needed an entertainment center but didn't want to pay the price for one so instead created our own using a TV console and 2 bookshelves we bought from the Thomasville collection at Target... we have the nightstands from the same collection in black in our bedroom. The piece really helps to fill up this wall. I have plans to find and hang something above the center and we may hang the TV on the wall as well.

That's it so far. It's done enough for me to be happy with it but would still love to accessorize some more, maybe a tray with candlesticks on it and a topiary ball in a footed pedestal bowl on the ottoman, then of course with 3 kids who knows how long it would stay where I put it!



Emily {Frilly Details} said...

What a cozy space!! Great job :)

Darcy said...

looks great! Great job!

I gave you an award at my blog!