Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dining Room Design Plan: the Chairs

Since we moved I haven't really gotten around to decorating the dining room/my craft room but now that the baby is here I'm ready to begin.

I found these 2 parsons chairs at my local Goodwill a couple weeks ago for only $4.99 a piece! You better believe I scooped them up the second they told me thier price!

There is some peeling of the faux leather...

But that's ok because I have plans to create some slipcovers for them. I'm also currently on the look out for some good wooden chairs with upholstry seating, that I will replace, to go along side with the parsons for more of an eclectic look that is a mix of formal and casual.
Here are the fabric samples I have choosen for the room:

This first one will be used to make slipcovers for my $4.99 parson chairs,

This yellow will be used as a small pillow on each parson, maybe,

And the stripe will be used to reupholster the wooden chairs I haven't found yet,

I will probably also throw in a pillow made from the same blue fabric as my family room pillows on a reading chair that sits in the corner of the room.

Thats the plan I have so far, hopefully tomorrow I will find more pieces and inspiration for the room.


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Angie said...

My jaw dropped when I saw what a great deal you got! I would have bought them too. They will look so cute in any of those fabrics.

Wendy said...

What a great price! They will look great!

Audra said...

I would have tripped over my feet trying to get to these lovely chairs. I have four in a tapestry fabric and I am on the look out for two more to put at the head/foot of the table. I adore the fabric that you are going with. Such an amazing color combination but it comes together in a cohesive way. I can't wait until you find your wooden chairs!

Welcome to blog land, so glad I found you. Will check in regularly.

Charity said...

Definately an awesome find! My jaw dropped too! What a price!