Tuesday, May 4, 2010

bedroom dressers get a makeover

Our master bedroom dressers were in desperate need of a makeover. They used to be my sisters growing up and then went I went off to college they were given to me to use. They started off white and then when I was given them I covered them with tissue paper for a textured look and painted them a golden tan color.

A few years later after my husband and I were married I decided to paint them white again, leaving the tissue texture still on them, and then paint a racing stripe in a khaki tan color on them thinking they would go into our first son's bedroom after we move. They stayed this way up until a few days ago. I decided to peel and sand all of the tissue paper off and repaint them to put in our bedroom once again. (You can see the hardware was not matching and some was missing due to other dresser projects that stole the hardware that once adorned these)...

They are now a rich shade of gray (Sherwin Williams Attitude Gray), with new antiqued brass hardware:

They are much more classier and sophisticated with their new look and go much better with the rest of our bedroom...

Wouldn't you say?

Our bedroom is now almost complete, hopefully there will be a complete room reveal soon.

I still have some more projects in mind that need to be done before I'm off maternity leave, both involving some recent flea market finds...


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Sarah @ Hennessey House said...

wow!! these pieces look SOOOO much better. nice redos!!

Astrid said...

Love those pieces! Love the pretty color you chose too. Awesome job!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

megan, those look great! so much more modern with the new hardware and color!