Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4th of July treat

This was the dessert I made last year for a progressive dinner we had on the 4th with our neighbors. (I got the idea from the Barefoot Contessa).

It was super easy. I made stripes with raspberries and frosting (using a frosting bag thing)and for stars used blueberries with dabs of frosting on top of them. It was so much fun making it and my oldest son was able to help. The cake mix I used was red velvet with a cream cheese frosting, so yummy! This year I think I will try a blueberry pie!

I hope this inspires you this weekend...Have a wonderful and safe 4th!!!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It may be sunny outside but it's grey in here...

In my email this morning was the latest Houzz Weekly Idea newsletter. Inside was an article about how hot grey is at the moment:

These pictures make me want to paint my cabinets grey...
grey kitchen traditional kitchen

Gast Architects: Project traditional kitchen

These bedrooms look so peacful with thier soft grey colors...
grey walls-Turquoise bedding  bedroom

Guest Room Redesign traditional bedroom

And I love love love the grey subway tile in this shower...

Grey bathroom - housetohome.co.uk contemporary bathroom

(all photos above from Houzz Idea newsletter)

It made me realize just how much I have been subconsiously using a lot of grey in my projects and home lately:

Two of the chalkboards I recently made for my boys are different shades of grey...

A few of my recent furniture make-overs have found themselves grey...

(I even found this cute little grey kitty to put into the photo shoot of my newly painted thrift store find...more on that later this week)

leather top table surprise

My bedroom dressers project

Even the two rugs and our towels in our master bath are grey colored...

please ignore the ugly linoleum floor... if we weren't renting this would be the first thing to go!

I guess I'm officially a part of the grey trend and didn't even know it!


Monday, June 21, 2010

If Heather Chaduck can do it, so can I!

Remember that yellow flea market table I wrote about here and showcased my milk glass turned planters on?

Well last week I finally dove into it's makeover process and you wouldn't believe what I found! I planned on repainting the entire piece in a custom color and then finish it off with some light distressing. I decided to sand a few areas just to see what I was working with and if I would be ok with just a light sand and priming to save time... I'm impatient. I began to use my electric sander on top and as it finally got through all the coats of paint on it, it began to show some dark brown color. As I looked closer I noticed it was not wood underneath all this paint but instead was a leather top table someone had painted over!

I debated what to do. I really wanted to restore the leather top but knew it would take a lot of work to take all of the paint off the leather without damaging it, and who knows why it was painted in the first place, maybe it was in such bad condition that painting was the best option. My mom suggested nail polish remover so I began and it was taking forever! I then decided I would run out to the hardware store and see if by chance I could find some paint stripper that just might work on leather (as there was lightening and thunder and pouring down rain!... I told you I was impatient).

By luck I found some paint stripper that said it could be used on leather so back home I went to check it out. It worked perfectly and in just about 30-40 minutes the top was paint free and I could finally examine the leather's condition.

There wre a few scratches and color inconsistencies but overall it wasn't too bad. My mom suggested using shoe polish to see if it would help with the color and overall clean up of the leather.

It definitely helped I think but it still had a worn look to it which I decided added character to the piece.

I immediately thought of Heather Chadduck's living room with the worn leather chairs that she kept worn and tattered...

I figured if Heather can do it, so can I!

I mixed a few colors I had already to come up with a grey green color which I love! I think it goes great with the color of the leather and with the new hardware knobs I purchased...

Here are some detail shots...

The hardware was labled for closet doors. It's big and chunky!

You can see some of the etching detail the top had...

I absolutely love this piece even more now and am so excited to have found a hidden diamond in the rough!

Have you discovered any wonderful surprises lately?


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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sarah's House- not aired basement

Ok so I love Sarah's House on HGTV and her Farmhouse is by far my favorite so far! I think it is my dream home!!! During one of the shows they mentioned a basement but never aired an episode covering the basement. Today as I was looking at the pictures online, I came across a picture of the finished basement... I'm now fully convinced this is definitely my dream home!
Go here to see it... I couldn't figure out how to copy and paste it since it is in adobe flash on the website.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Art of the Bath

Ok so I'm not 100% sure what th art of the bath is exactly except for this book which I found at my local Goodwill for $2.99.

I passed over it a couple times before I decided to peek inside to see what it had to offer. Inside there were tons of gorgeous pictures like this one...

Then it hit me, I could use these pictures as art for the kid's/guest bath...

The bath is almost done now... just need to find some new towels to accessorize with... I'm thinking ones like Sarah Richardson used in her blue farmhouse bath...

(via hgtv.ca.com)

Hopefully it won't be too long before a complete reveal!


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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An Award!

I came online today to find that one of my readers, T-bird from Nestled in Rosenberg has awarded me with a blog award! Thank you so much T-Bird for your kindness and encouragement through this award!

Now I must follow the rules that go along with this award by revealing 7 things about me that most people don't already know...

1. I'm married to my highschool sweetheart, together for 10 years, married for 5.

2. We have 3 gorgeously handsome boys ages 4 1/2, 2, and 2 months.

3. I grew up as a Disney baby (thats what my hubby calls me), my dad worked there for 23 years so the Disney parks were our playgrounds growing up.

4. my first job was st Disney's Blizzard Beach.

5. At the moment I'm a stay at home mom.

6. I live off of sweet tea.

7. I used to spend my summers in Vermont where all of my relatives live. We still go up every other fall so my kids can experience the fun and outdoors as I did.

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Thanks again T-bird!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

personalized chalkboards for my boys

This week I decided to enter the CSI project challenge. I've had this project on my to do list for almost a year so this gave me the extra push to start and finish it.

I've had these cabinet doors for a while now and had always planned on painting the fun colors and making a chalkboard out of them.

My kids love to draw so I decided I would make them each their own chalkboard. Here is the final project...

I added a drawer pull that I turned upside down to make a nice resting spot for the chalk when not in use...

I personalized each one with my kids' initials...

Distressing each one will also help hide wear and tear over everyday use...

The other two...

And even though he is just over 2 months old, the baby has one waiting for him to enjoy also...

I love how they turned out and the boys are so excited to draw on them... (the chalkboard paint has fully cured yet so until tomorrow they are only for viewing)...


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