Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A few tid-bits

I have a very busy day ahead of me. Tomorrow my mom and I along with the 3 boys are making a very long drive up to Charlotte, NC to visit my sister for a long weekend. I need to finish the laundry, pack, get the oil in my car changed, make a couple of meals for my husband to eat while I'm away, and bake some zucchini muffins for the road trip. I'm goin to try Melaine's recipe. We all love zucchini bread so I'm thinking these will be a hit as well!

I've never been to Charlotte before and am excited to go, although I heard it's supposed to be on/off thunderstorms while we are there, oh well. One of the reasons I'm going is to help my sister decorate her apartment. Actually she decorated it when she first moved there last October but wants it updated and says it feels a little dark, so we'll see what we can do to fix that. We have plans to paint a lot of furniture, bring in new fabrics and accessories, and move some stuff around. Don't worry I will be back with lots of before and after photos! I'm a little nervous of the car ride with 3 young kids. The older 2 should be ok with the DVD player but the baby I know will want out of his carseat occasionally... we'll have to make a few extra stops I'm sure to let the kids out and run around.

I'm planning a couple of posts while I'm gone, hopefully, I've never used the timer thingy so we'll see if I can make it work. If you live anywhere around Charlotte or are familiar with the area and know of some must see places while I'm there, please let me know! Also if you know of any great thrift stores we have to check out that would be a great help too! My sister is still learning the area.
Yesterday I found some other pictures of my hutch (in the first before stage) that I hadn't shown so here they are...

These were the baby's 2 month photos. I couldn't resist since he is growing so fast! Now I'm off to begin my to do list!


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Emily A. Clark said...

This is too precious! Only a designer would think of that :)