Monday, July 19, 2010

Numbered buckets

Here is another previous post from my old blog. This was such a fun and easy craft project...

This was my craft project last week and it only took about an hour total to do. I love these little tin buckets and typography. I think they turned out really cute and I can just picture how pretty some white peonies will look in them.

The tin buckets are in the $1 spot at Target and the stencils I made by printing out numbers from my computer in different fonts (I couldn't find just one that I liked so I used 5 different ones. The size I used was 375 and it was perfect for this size bucket).

I then taped my home-made stencil onto the bucket and stippled paint on to it to get the desired vintage look I wanted. I put a number on both sides.
Note: watch the bucket handle when you go the paint the second side so it doesn't scratch up the first.
I ended up putting a cote of decoupage over the numbers because I didn't want the handle to end up scratching the paint off over time.
Note: a foam brush will wipe the paint off when you coat it so use a little soft painting brush instead.
Then I just tied some ribbon around it to give it a little more prettiness. the ribbons can be changed out depending on the season or holiday. The best part about this project is it only cost me $1 per bucket because everything else I had.

I have 3 of my buckets in my bread basket on my dining table. I love the mix of textures.

Wouldn't they look cute in a backyard wedding or party as centerpieces with your choice of flowers or even limes or lemons in them? You could even put letters on them and make them spell out a word, how about JOY of NOEL for Christmas and have a red ribbon tied around them and filled with white flowers or pine cones, or maybe even ornaments? What ideas can you come up with?


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Boston Bee said...

Very cute!!!!! I love them!! Thanks for this awesome idea. Also, like your idea for x-mas time! Why not, right? ;)Alyssa