Thursday, August 19, 2010

more book pages

So I followed the crowd and made my own book page wreath! It took a while, although I didn't do it all at once so maybe that's why it felt like it took forever.
I used pages from an old book that had some aging to it from Goodwill for $2.99, and a wreath form from the Dollar Store. The ribbon I alrady had and it's just for looks... I glued a hanging thing on the back so it wouldn't hang direcetly from the ribbon.
I also used a distressing ink pad to rub on to the ends after I was done to give it more of an aged appearance and some detail...

It's hanging in my kitchen and makes me happy every time I see it... I keep walking past it just to get more looks of it!

I think that's it for the book page projects, at least for now, incase you're getting tired of only hearing about old books and glue from me! Come back tomorrow to see what favorite item of mine I'm featuring this week!


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malia said...

thanks! i love this project and had been wondering how to make something like this. i'm your newest follower. hope you'll check my blog out too i think we have some stuff in common (-:

julie said...

i know! i love your book page wreath! so glad i have one too! i will have to check out your other book page craftyness!