Thursday, November 11, 2010

the craft fair.

I finally am able to get on here and post about the craft fair, {warning, lots and lots of pictures}. I had so much fun and was able to meet a lot of people! I think I did well for it being my first time and not really knowing what to expect. It was beyond crowded both days! I loved my booth spot, I'm definitely asking for this spot next year if I decide to do it again. I was lucky enough to be on the cobblestone road so it added to the ambiance I wanted in my "shop". It looked like a cute little outside boutique, I think so anyways. Enough talking though, here are the pictures... {I set up and rearranged differently both days}

Of course the highlight of the day was having the cutest visitors! {yep Scooby Doo was there too, there must have been a mystery to solve!}, Mister looks like a soldier in this photo, he loves those boots and has to wear them EVERYWHERE!
This little guy looked too cute all snuggled up, {it was really cold the first day}. I wanted to pick him up and snuggle him but I knew titi and tio, who were watching him, would be mad at me for waking up a sleeping baby. I had to rearrange him in the stroller, he was all hunched over and my s-i-l said everyone would look in and ask what was in the stroller {there were more dogs in strollers than there were kids}...
And that concludes the weekend and my first craft fair. Tomorrow {hopefully} I will have an announcement!!!

Also I'm hoping to get some of the stuff that didn't sell up onto my Etsy shop today so keep checking, or if you saw something you like in the photos email me and I'll let you know if it's still available! littleblueprints3{at}gmail{dot}com.



Lori said...

Chalkboard pricing, a great idea! Have you seen the hobby lobby chalk pens!

Lori said...

Do you know you have word verification for comments. I took mine off and have had no problems. You'll get more comments without.