Monday, November 29, 2010

Tis the Season Day 4: making a holiday wreath for free.

Yesterday I shared some wreath inspiration for a wreath I am making for my in-laws front door. I really didn't want to spend much money since wreaths can be expensive and to buy all of the pieces to make your own can be just as high in price. So I used what I had. I found this fall wreath in our attic. With it's nuts and pinecones I thought it could be a little Christmas-y as well if I added something to it.
I then found these berries in my Christmas stash. I loved the look of the natural- looking wreaths as well as the berry-filled wreaths of my last post so figured I would marry these two together and see what it would look like. Half way through, needing a bit more berries.
And the final product.
I think it says woodsy Christmas. I cut a piece of scrap burlap and used it to hang the wreath.

I love the way it turned out! And I didn't spend a dime! They have a black front door so I think this will look great hanging on it {I'll be sure to share a picture once it's delivered to them and hanging in it's temporary home for the season}. Also since I only stuck the berries throughout the wreath without any glue, I can easily take them off and use it as a fall wreath once again... 2 wreaths in one!

Have you taken something you already had and revamped it so it was dressed for the appropriate season?

More holiday inspiration is coming so check back everyday!


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Alyssa said...

Love it! Very classy and the best part, it was FREE! It will look great against the black door! ;)Alyssa of Boston Bee

DanielleisNesting said...

I love how you used the burlap! Great idea. It looks beautiful!

Jane said...

So pretty! I love that it transitions so well from fall to Christmas. Great job using what you have!

Andy Porter said...

Totally cute! I love how you can change it up for two seasons! Thanks so much for entering the craft contest!


Naturally Me Creations said...

How lovely, i love bringing natural element into the home by making crafts out of garden stuff! :)

Carisa said...

Nice re-do. Your wreath looks expensive and classy.
Mrs. Petrie @