Monday, December 13, 2010

kids annual Christmas ornament.

Here is a project I shared at Kaysi's last week incase you missed it:

We have an annual holiday tradition in our home, I have each of the boys make thier own Christmas ornament to place on the tree, not just for us but one for each set of grandparents as well. This year I decided to incorporate thier handprints into the design.

You will need:
foam sheets {mine are black}
decoupage {or some white glue}
glitter {mine is silver, I love Martha Stewart's glitter line at Michael's}
a silver sharpie
sheet music
little jingle bells
hot glue
and some ribbon or jute string

For the baby I began by tracing his hand on some paper and then cut the shape out.
With the sharpie I outlined it on to some foam sheets I cut to be jsut a bit bigger than his hand.
Then I used a paintbrush and brushed some decoupage onto his handprint. For the big boys I brushed the decoupage onto thier hand {they loved this and were giggling because it tickeled them}.
Then carefully helped them place their hand onto some more foam sheets cut to be just a bit bigger in size compared to their hands, and then carefully removed thier hand, leaving their handprint in decoupage.
Cover with glitter.

And you are left with this {since the baby's isn't his actual handprint it looks much more solid compared to the others.

Now to embellish it. Take some sheet music or you could use some book pages maybe from a Christmas book...
And rip it into 4's.
Then rip those 4's in half so they are this size.
Then roll/fold it up longways.
Take one side of your paper roll and loop it. Attach it about 1/3 of the way on the roll with some hot glue.
Then loop the otherside and hot glue it down so you form this shape {half of the bow}. Do this to make the other side but make sure it is opposite from what you made first.
Then hot glue them both down side by side on the top of your foam sheet above the handprint.
Finish with a jingle bell glued to the middle to hide the seam.
With the sharpie write the year somewhere on the sheet so you can look back years from now and remember what year this ornament is from.
Attach some decorative ribbon, jute, string, or whatever you would like so it can hang on your tree.

And that's it. A fun and somewhat simple ornament to do with the kids to commemorate this year and how little they are.

{hint: after the glue and glitter dried and lightly sprayed the top with some poly so the glitter would not fall off. It's not necessary but I didn't want to get it out of storage next year and there not me much glitter left}



sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

I love this idea and the way you finished it off is SO cute! Think I might try to fit this one in this tradition to start. :)

Sheryll Ford said...

What kind of poly spray did you use? Polyurethane spray??

Bonnie said...

Precious! I love that it's just on foam so it's not too heavy! We'll be making these pronto! Thanks for the cute idea! ;)