Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tis the Season Day 12: Cookie {recipe} Exchange Linky

This is actually the only Christmas cookies I have made so far due to time and packing, but they are really yummy! My favorite holiday cookies are the shortbread/sugar cookies with chocolate bottoms and sprinkles on top. Publix sells them for about $25 a container! I didn't want to pay that price so i figured I would try my own version of them.

What you need, Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix {and the ingredients on the back of this package}, Bakers semi-sweet chocolate squares, sprinkles.
Make the cookie dough as directed on the package for the drop cookies. Once they are on the sheet sprinkle them with sprinkles.

Place in the oven and while they are cooking grab a couple more baking sheets and cover with some wax paper.
Melt the chocolate squares, I used the entire box with the entire cookie mix.
Cover the backs of the baked cookies with chocolate and place upside down on the wax covered cookie sheets. Once they are covered place in the fridge for about an hour or until the chocolate is hard.
Place on a pretty sweet stand and enjoy! They are really yummy... Ours didn't last too long in this house!

My other favorite go to cookie recipe for this season are homemade thin mint cookies.

You need:

Baker's semi sweet chocolate squares

peppermint extract

ritz crackers

crushed candy canes

Melt your backing squares and add some peppermint extract to them to taste.

Drop a ritz cracker into the bowl and with a fork cover completely with chocolate.

Place on a wax paper covered baking sheet.

Top with some crushed candy cane.

Place in the fridge for about an hour until the chocolate is hard.

Take out and enjoy! I might make these today if I find the time. They are so yummy and such a great replacement to the Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies when they aren't around!

So what recipies do you love to bake during the holiday season? Show us below! I'm always up for adding more recipies to my desert section! The linky will be up the entire month of December so you can add your yummy recipes whenever you would like!

Also for the entire month of December I have a sale going on in my Etsy shop! All Christmas sweet stands {under the Christmas label} are 30 % off while all of the other sweet stands are 20% off. Just enter code lbpxmas2010 at checkout and I will adjust the price for you. It's my gift to you! They are the perfect addition to any cookie exchange party, and the perfect hostess gift as well!



Val said...

Yum, I could eat a dozen of those!!!

Ashley said...

$25 for cookies is insane. I'm sure yours turned out much better than store bought too.
Oh and sign me up for some home made thin mints, those are the best cookies ever!
Thanks for linking up to the Incredible Christmas Cookie Party!

coolblogger said...

Linking ur cookie event

Dr.Sameena Prathap


Beautiful cookies...:)