Friday, July 30, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things... Fridays

Believe it or not I've never seen that entire movie, just clips here and there... But anyway I decided that on Fridays I will feature a favorite item in our home. With the economy the way it is and people not being able to go out and buy as much stuff as they may want, finding a favorite item in your house each week is a great way to appreciate things you already have.

This week it's the shower curtain in the boy's/guest bathroom. I LOVE this shower curtain. I bought it from HomeGoods months ago and knew I had to have it the moment I saw it. I figured the blue was good for a boy's bathroom (and to add color since we're in a rental and don't want to bother painting the bathrooms) but the design still leaves it feeling adult friendly. The hooks were bought at Walmart from the Canopy vintage bath collection...

It makes me smile every time I walk by it or go in there, which lately is a whole lot since we're in the middle of potty training our 2 year old.

So there is one of my favorite pieces in our home. Do you have any favorite pieces that make you smile? Maybe we'll turn this into a weekly linky party in a few weeks so everyone can show off thier favorite things... what do you think?


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Project Apartment Makeover: the master bedroom and bath

Here is my sister's bedroom and bathroom pictures. I forgot to take before pics of the bathroom, and the blue/grey dresser you will see used to be an unfinished dresser but my sister painted it and changed out the knobs before we got there so we had one less project to try and accomplish during our stay...

A 'C' to not only represnt my sister's name but also for the name she and her fiance will be sharing in a year was added for extra hight and drama above the bed. We placed some decorative scrapbook paper in her frames from Ikea until she has pictures to place in there. The lamp bases were bought at HomeGoods and spray painted white (these were the bases the shades in the living room came from) and the new shades are from Target, they are such a pretty light grey with a blue undertone... perfect for this room...

She bought some really pretty fabric to recover the pillows but will be doing that later on...

New accessories for the nightstands help to brighten up the room and bring in a little glamour...

The brown dresser in the before got a coat of black paint and new antique brass hardware. The blue dresser has glass knobs on it. A larger gold mirror bought at Ikea helps to reflect more light from the window and make the space feel larger. Also new accessories help this side of the room feel more light and bright...

More scrapbook paper was added to these frames as well...

Here is the most before picture I have of the bathroom. Pretend the rugs are not there, they were using towels before hand:

We added a lightweight window curtain for added texture and drama to the bathroom as well as to soften it. 2 new rugs were purchased in browns, blues, and creams instead of the towels they were using on the floor...

Some cute artwork from Hobby Lobby adds some whimsy to the space and being right next to the mirror gives the illusion of a grouping of 4...

And there you have it! We also redid the guest bathroom but I forgot to take pics of that one all together. It went from bland and beige to frenchy and whimsical. We added a black and white toile shower curtain from target, a green and white rug, and decorated the walls with her wine decor (a painting of some wine and wine glasses, a shadowbox frame of some corks, and a wine label plaque).

It was a busy weekend but we finished what we wanted to. Her fiance was a huge help and occupied the kids while we painted and decorated... I think he needed a vacation after we left!

Both of them love it and that was the whole objective!

I'll share the tutorials for the projects we did next week...


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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Giveaway

Emily over at Jones Design Company is hosting a "Just for Fun Summer Giveaway". There's a lot of cute loot you could win...

I'm drooling over the silver bowl and utensils! And while I don't neccessarily have a little girl to dress in those headbands, I'm sure the baby would love to be cleaned up with those stylish burp cloths.

Head on over and see how you could have a chance of seeing this package arrive on your front door step!!! (click on the image above).


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Just listed in my etsy shop! Take a look and happy shopping!


From a roadside dump to a polished treasure

As I was driving out of my neighborhood one day I spotted this cute little table on the side of the road destyned for the garbage truck who was due to arrive at any moment. I was in a hurry so was unable to grab it just then, plus I had never taken something out of someone's trash before so was a little unsure if I really wanted to grab it.

I called my husband to see if he would come home for lunch and get it but he laughed and said no. A friend was coming over so our kids could swim together so I decided to wait for her to get there and then we could all pile into our van and go grab it. Luckily the garbage men had not come yet, it was still there, and she was up for an adventure.

The top had definitely seen better days as the whole thing was peeling apart.

The base was a gorgeous shape but looked like it was cracking in some areas.

Another shot of how bad the top was...

I decided to go out of my comfort zone of all neutral and paint it with some leftover paint from our oldest's old bedroom, an aqua blue color. Then I sanded some off to distress it and finally rubbed a walnut stain over the entire thing...
I love how it came out! Right now we have it acting like an entry table when you first walk in, but the lighting is not great for pictures in that area...

Here is a closeup of the leg detail. I love how the distressing made the before color show some. In person it looks almost like a tourquoise stone...

I ended up having to replace the entire top because of how damaged the original one was. I bought an unfinished table top from Lowes to fix that problem...

To me she looks like a Pheobe. I love how she came out and so glad I picked her up and went with a color I normally don't do for furniture. I'm hoping to use it as a side table next to our daybed once that room is the guestroom and not our nursery.


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Monday, July 26, 2010

Project Apartment Makeover- The living room

The Tuscan theme was also present in my sister's living room so we made some simple changes so it felt more french country, as well as bright and airy just as the dining room now looks after it's make-over.

Here is the after. The pear paintings are originally from Ikea but were found at our local Goodwill for less than $10 each! My sister has been wanting them forever so we purchased them and brought them up as a surprise for her! They really brighten up this wall. The coffee table also used to be a dark brown but we painted it a creamy white and distressed it some...

The back pillows of the coush received new covers in a black and cream ticking to also help brighten up the room, and nothing says french country like some ticking!

The lamps received a makeover as well. We used the same bases she had already but switched out the shades for some she purchased at HomeGoods. They were plain white but with some creativity and a little time and patience we turned them into personalized pieces that I'm sure will be great conversation starters!

I'll give a tutorial on these later this week, hopefully, along with all the other projects we did.

The fireplace received 2 new baskets to hold their blankets for those chilly nights.

The wall across from the couch wall received some empty frames, (most bought at Goodwill and some were hers already), that we painted a grey/blue and hung ni a collage. Over time she will add to this and maybe hang some things in a few of them. She will also be looking for a small dresser/chest to put along this wall to hold all of thier movies and games in.

Another look at the after...
We switched out the curtains as well to some tan linen colored ones from Ikea for only $15 a pair but I forgot to take an after picture of the french door/curtain wall.

Tomorrow I'll feature her bedroom and bathroom makeover, it too went a little french country!


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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Project Apartment Make-over: the dining room

I'm back! We had a busy and long weekend full of shopping, painting, re-purposing, sewing, and decorating, but we survived and it is all finished, almost. There are a couple of things she has left to do because we ran out of time but for the most part it is done. My sister's apartment over went a big change. It all began because she felt it was too dark and wanted to lighten it up. She loves the Pottery Barn and Ballard Design look so that was the inspiration, a little french country, a little modern.

Here is the before of the eat in kitchen area, she had more of a tuscan feel with dark brown furniture and accessories:

(I had already begun taking things apart and making a mess when I remembered to take before pictures, all of the accessories you see on the counter to the left were on the bookcase before)

We made quite a mess but it was all worth it in the end:

The clock was moved from above the couch to over the dining table. The little white plates surrounding the clock came from Goodwill:

The bookcase used to be dark brown and had dark accessories on it. When she was down visiting us she fell in love with my hutch... so we painted the bookcase black, transformed it to act more like a hutch/ buffet, and accessorized it with a bunch of white plates and platters we picked up at her local HomeGoods as well as some I found hidden in her cupboards. We moved her wine rack to the bottom shelf instead of the kitchen counter, and re-purposed an easel she had sitting somewhere else to hold one of the platters.

We added a touch of green for a pop of color. The new look gives the space a new crisp feel and completely lightens it up!

The best part is that all the plates and dishes accessorizing her new found hutch can easily be taken down and used when she has dinner parties.

Her living room also over went a big transformation... Here's a sneak peek at the after:

Stay tuned for the full story and more pictures as well as a tutorial of how we changed a bookcase into a "hutch" to display plates on!