Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tis the Season Day 5: home-made Chrsitmas stockings.

Since last year I made new Christmas stockings for us I thought I could carry on the tradition this year and make ones for 2010, especially since we have a new little one helping us celebrate Christmas {I need another stocking hanger, hence only 4 stockings are hanging at the moment}. I began with some scrap fabric I had and traced my oldest's first stocking for a pattern.

I also cut some fleece for a cuff probably about 5 inches or so in height and a little longer length in width as the stocking.
Like this. I put both right sides together and sewed the top of both sides {front side of stocking and back side of stocking}.
So I ended up with this. Then I placed them right sides together and sewed just as I would a pillow, from the top of one end to the top of the other. For my stocking I used toile but wanted it to coordinate well with the boys' so I cut two skinny pieces of ticking the same width of my stocking to use as a trim between the main fabric and the cuff.
I folded each piece in half and ironed it.
So they both looked like this.
I then sandwiched it between the stocking and the cuff and continued with the same steps as the other stockings from here on out.
This is what it looks like once each side is sewed together. Also iron it at the time so it lays flat.
To hang them I took some ribbon from my stash and cut them about 6-7 inches. Base it on however low or high you want yours to hang.
Loop it and attach it to the inside of the "back- heel side" of the stocking's cuff.
By sewing it, going over it a few times to make sure it's secure.
You might want to use the same color thread as your cuff, I ran out of white and this was the next best color.
In the end they look like this!

I love how they turned out this year. They are perfectly porportioned unlike last year when I free-handed my stockings template. It didn't take long at all and once again it was free since I had all of the materials already!

7 more days until the Cookie {recipe} Exchange linky party! And more Holiday projects coming, including more wreath talk!


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Monday, November 29, 2010

Tis the Season Day 4: making a holiday wreath for free.

Yesterday I shared some wreath inspiration for a wreath I am making for my in-laws front door. I really didn't want to spend much money since wreaths can be expensive and to buy all of the pieces to make your own can be just as high in price. So I used what I had. I found this fall wreath in our attic. With it's nuts and pinecones I thought it could be a little Christmas-y as well if I added something to it.
I then found these berries in my Christmas stash. I loved the look of the natural- looking wreaths as well as the berry-filled wreaths of my last post so figured I would marry these two together and see what it would look like. Half way through, needing a bit more berries.
And the final product.
I think it says woodsy Christmas. I cut a piece of scrap burlap and used it to hang the wreath.

I love the way it turned out! And I didn't spend a dime! They have a black front door so I think this will look great hanging on it {I'll be sure to share a picture once it's delivered to them and hanging in it's temporary home for the season}. Also since I only stuck the berries throughout the wreath without any glue, I can easily take them off and use it as a fall wreath once again... 2 wreaths in one!

Have you taken something you already had and revamped it so it was dressed for the appropriate season?

More holiday inspiration is coming so check back everyday!


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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tis the Season Day 3: wreath inspiration.

My mother in law asked me if I would be able to make some wreaths for their front door. I've made a decorative outdoor wreath before but wanted some inspiration before I created some holiday wreaths for them. Thanks to Cottageliving.com, Countryliving.com, and BHG.com I found the inspiration I was looking for:

I want to do this with our hutch.

You know I love frames and the endless possibilities to use them with.

I think this is really different but would be afraid it would be destroyed if used as an outdoor wreath {it's made from newspapers}.
Love the square wreaths, anyone know where I can find a square wreath form?

Candy cane anyone?

Double up your wreath.
Love, love, love this wreath! I love using berries with Christmas decor!
I love how natural and fresh this wreath looks. I'm not sure a fresh wreath like this wold last too long down here where we have been known to have 90 degree weather on Christmas day.

{all pictures from either Cottageliving.com, Countryliving.com, or BHG.com}

Now off to find/make a wreath for them...

More Holiday inspiration is coming along with some fun projects I've done for our Christmas this year. I think today the kids and I will begin our cookie baking, just in time for the upcoming Cookie {recipe} Exchange party right here on the 7th!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tis the Season Day 2: jingle bell cluster ornament.

Here is an easy, little ornament I came up with using things I already had.

You will need::

15 jingle bells

some thin ribbon {thin enough to fit through the jingle bell's loop}

some decorative ribbon

Make sure you cut your thin ribbon with an angle, no need to cut it from the spool just yet.
String all of your bells on and seperate them in 5's.
Make a knot to hole the middle section of bells.
Slide the other two side clusters of bells down so they are all together.
Make another knot to keep them all clustered. And then a thrid knot at the top so you create a big loop to hang it from. At this point you can cut the string from teh spool once you know how long you will need.
Tie some decorative ribbon just above the cluster on the thin ribbon. Now you have a cute little jingle ornament.
I think a bunch of these would look good on a tree, especially if you are using any glitter letters or book page ornaments. Simple, classic, and elegant!

Come back tomorrow to see more holiday inspiration! And for the Cookie Recipe Exchange linky party on the 7th!


Friday, November 26, 2010

Tis the Season Day 1: personalize your holiday home.

For an entrance that stands out from your neighbor's how about hanging pinecones on your front door instead of a wreath?

Using past holiday cards to create a garland or an advent calendar that doubles as garland?
Placing your tree in a tub or basket and doing away with a tree skirt? I would so do this if we had a real tree.
Or using something other than an angel or a star on the top of your tree, maybe some large bells.
Decorating your holiday home so it represents you will make your holiday just that much more special and fun. Your pieces might just be great conversation starters during gatherings and bring up old stories from years past or make new stories!

Check back each day for more holiday inspiration and projects! The fun will lead up to a big Cookie Recipe Exchange linky party on the 7th!