Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a Floridian white Christmas

We got some snow for Christmas down here in Florida this year! Not a whole lot, but enough for a mini snow ball fight and to make a little snowgirl.

The boys loved it! They couldn't believe it was real snow and were so excited to play with it. Soon to be uncle Matt brought down a cooler of fresh snow from NC, did you really think it would snow here in the bay area? We did get cold weather in the 30's and had ice and frost covering our cars and grass but now snow fall, unless you count the snow Ryan kept throwing into the air to make it snow! And yes we named it a snowgirl since we used a flower for her hat. Berries were used for buttons, twigs as arms, a curled up leaf for the nose, and some pieces of bark for the eyes, we had to get creative and grab what we saw before it all melted. The boys' first real snowman! Hopefully we will be able to bring the boys up north in the heavy duty snow when they get a little older and build a huge snowman! Hope you had some exciting surprises over your holiday!


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