Tuesday, January 25, 2011

IKEA dresser revamp.

A year ago while in IKEA, I came across the MALM dresser in the as is section discounted down to $33. They were begin discontinued because of a new design or something like that. Now normally this dresser would be way to modern for my taste but my 2 big boys needed dressers and these were the best price I'd be able to find for their size (the drawers are huge!). Anyway I got them with the plan to add molding to them or new hardware to them at least to make them a little less modern and more like us.
Here they are in the boys' room at our last house.
Finally a year later I got around to giving them a little jewelery.

I couldn't decide on which knobs I liked best so I choose 3 different ones and put them all together for a whimsical and eclectic mix.

I love how the look now. They're like totally new dressers. The knobs came from Hobby Lobby and I spent about $40 on them, more than each dresser, but oh well, it was worth it! (tip, if you do this, especially to these kind of dressers, make sure you put painters tape down ontop of where you plan to drill a hole and drill from the the outside of the drawer instead of the inside, it will help not break the finish on the drawer and keep it mostly in tact. What does break off will be covered by the knob if any at all).

And just so you aren't jealous that my kids keep a tidy room all the time, I pushed and nudged all of the toys out of the picture snapping area. They have to dump out each and every basket of toys each and every day including the day these pictures were taken!


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Lori said...

Love them pushed together. The knobs are great!