Wednesday, January 26, 2011

master bedroom plans and let's go for a walk.

Here is the current state of our bedroom:

And here is a design board I came up with for it. It's mostly to get a feel for which fabrics I want in the space and doesn't have any of the finishing details and accessories on it.
We already have a new quilt for the bed, a white pickstitch quilt similar to the one Pottery Barn sells. I would love to make an upholstered headboard (we now are in a queen size bed), maybe find a wood one with good lines I can upholster myself from a thrift store. Slipcover our loveseat in a grey, more on that topic later on. Add a rug since we have hardwoods now. And add a variety of pillows all in the blue and black tones to create interest and contrast. Oh and slipcover the ottoman in a black and white stripe fabric. I also have a lamp shade project in mind and maybe even find new bases for the new shades if I can find the shape I'm wanting. We aren't re-painting the walls so what I put in here has to go with the wall colors, however since we are only here temporarily I don't want to stress about the wall color. I want a design I can use in other houses down the road as well.

And in other news, my baby began walking last night!

I know it's hard to see it in these photos but he is walking. Until I figure out how to do videos on here you'll have to take my word for it! So now I've got 3 to chase after... wish me luck!!!


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