Tuesday, January 11, 2011

more goals for 2011.

I've been thinking about more goals I want to achieve in 2011. They aren't anything huge like running a marathon or climbing Mt. Everest, but little things that can make a big impact.

- adding more color to our decor.
I love color but am always afraid to use it in our own home. I think this is mainly because I hate spending money so I like to buy things for the long term. If I get turquoise curtains, will I still love them 6 months from now or will I want to change them? This is why I tend to go more neutral with my pickings. Remember this table?

I loved the color! My husband loved the color! But it looked so out of place in our home so I changed it to this.

I still love it but there is no risk or WOW factor. I would love to break this neutral rut I'm in and begin adding some color. Even if it is slow and suttle, it will still have a big impact in an all neutral room. And if I add little things that are easily changeable then I won't feel so bad if I decide I really don't like that color anymore.

-wearing more jewelry.

I'm a girly girl and I love fashion and jewelery but fact is that I have 2 rambunctious little boys and a soon to be 1 year old who is also beginning to take after his brothers in the rambunctious character so by the time I'm done dressing myself in just new clothes for the day (and sometimes I don't even get half way done) I'm having to run after one of them and stop them from doing something before they land themself or their brother in the emergency room. By the time I'm done breaking up whatever is going on I forget about adding jewelry to my ensemble. I received some fun jewelry for Christmas and I want to make it a point to wear it this year.

- cover a bulletin board.

I have always loved this bulletin board Erika covered. Bryn made some too.

I have all the supplies except the upholstery tacs so once I get those hopefully I will find some time to make it. I plan to hang my fun jewelery on it. I'm thinking also that if my jewelery is hanging where I see it every day it will also make it easier to wear it, instead of digging through a box or drawer for it.

So there are 3 more goals of mine for 2011. There are probably more but those are the ones taht have been on my mind the most lately.

I spent the weekend re-decorating and organizing my in-laws living/family room. I'll share before and after pictures later this week when I'm able to get some good after ones. It's not completely done, but it's done for now and there was a huge difference made!


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