Monday, January 3, 2011

what to look forward to here in 2011.

I've been MIA lately I know... We moved the weekend before Christmas, we still have a ton of unpacking to do and organizing! We were out of town to visit my parents for Christmas, then we celebrated my birthday, then New Year's (if you count falling asleep before 9pm while watching a movie with the family as celebrating), and am now able to get on here and write a list of things I hope to do/accomplish here on the blog and with LBP. I've been thinking over the past few weeks about what I want to accomplish here and new things I want to add, so here are my goals:

1. write 3-5 posts a week.
2. maybe add a sponser section.
3. would love to redesign a professional header (so be aware if things go wonky as I have been known to mess everything up before when taking on such a task).
4. learn how to add more pages just below the header.
5. venture into some more products I've designed in my head for the shop.
6. maybe even host monthly giveaways for all of my wonderful readers!

There may be more but I have kids begging me for leftover Christmas candy canes and therefore can not think straight at the moment.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! I will be back later to share with you a special Christmas surprise we had here in Florida!


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