Saturday, February 12, 2011

an exciting journey with a giveaway.

6 years ago I graduated from college with a psychology degree and had plans to continue school by going to design school and getting a second degree in interior decorating. Instead I got married and began having babies so I never made it to design school.

I've always thought about going back but with 3 kids it's hard to find the time and energy to actually go to school and sit in a class, I've neer been one for school or going to class (I'm pretty sure there were more days of not attneding classes than actually attending classes. How I graduated I'm not really sure but I did!). Anyway I would still love to design rooms and spaces for people.

I've helped family and friends before, (here, here, and here are some examples), and would love to do more of it. It's my hobby, passion, and dream of starting my own interior decorating services.

I beleive a room can envoke how you feel about life and how you live. Doesn't everyone want a home that makes them smile as they walk in the door and proud to show off? Who wants to come home to a place where they feel they can't live comfortably or invite friends over to without being embarassed about the decor or lack of decor? A home should express the people who are living in it, make them feel safe, and a place for them to be themselves.

Today I'm offering one free mood board consultation to a lucky winner. Wether you need help with finishing touches in a room or with everything from the ground up I would love to give it a go and help you out. We will work with whatever budget you are comfortable with and keep tweaking until it is just right for you and your lifestyle. This is pretty much a chance for me to experience working with someone I don't know and seeing if it really is something I want (and can) do. I love doing it as a hobby but have never done it as a "job".

So if you're willing to be the guinea pig (hehe just joking) here are the rules:

Post a comment below for your chance to win. Let me know what room you would like help with if you're the lucky winner.
Want more chances to win? Post about it on your blog, facebook, or tweet about it for more chances to win.
Make sure you come back and leave a seperate comment for each way you are entering.
I will pick a winner randomly next Monday February 21, so you have until Sunday February 20th to enter.

Good luck and I can't wait to embark on this new journey in my life!

Don't miss next week when I will be featuring some of my favorite rooms by inspiring bloggers in a "Rooms I Love" series kicking off on Valentine day.



Amanda Faul said...

I've always wanted a moodboard to help me decorate. I'm want one for my screened in sun porch, which is currently completely empty.

Amy said...

What an awesome giveaway. I would love to do my master bedroom.

Momma Spool said...

The master bedroom needs some attention. We just added on and have this nice big room and no clue what to do with it!!