Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a winner.

According to random.org the winner is #1, aka Amanda of Twin Fauls...

Doesn't she have the cutest twin girls?

She said she would like help with her sunroom, sounds good to me! With spring just around the corner I'm getting a little spring fever and am loving all of the new spring lines that are beginning to come out.

I'll be in contact with you soon Amanda so we can get started and have your sunroom ready just in time for spring!




KarenSue said...

What sweet faces and lucky winners!
Hi Megan...thanks for visiting our shop. Liam is such a sweetie!
Did you see this from Shelley at Sweet Pea? Hope you can come!


Cat said...

Oh...a sun room!!! How exciting! I wish our house had a sun room :)

(those are the cutest twins ever :))