Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the bridal shower.

This weekend we threw my sister's bridal shower since she was giong to be here for another wedding and probablynot again until her own wedding. I was in charge of decorations. I envisioned lots of white, greenery, and silver (her wedding colors are black, white, and an applish colored green). I wanted to use lots of flowers so got a mix of tulips, carnations, daisies, and another one I can't think of at the moment and placed them in assorted pitchers and vases I already had. I made the 'C' with a craft letter from the craft store and some moss mattes I had for some other project that didn't work out. I joke with her because her first name begins with a 'C' and her future last name does also so for now they all stand for her name while after the wedding they will stand for her new last name. We had a selection of fun drinks along with berries and black and white striped straws to top them off with.

The food table was dressed with a simple white tablecloth. We used white and silver dishes to serve the food on. I love how the whte flowers look in my new silver pitcher.

Here are my mini topiaries working as food name cards. She is planning on reusing this idea on her tables at the wedding but holding something else, I'll share her idea closer to the big day.

Here is the cupcake table. The cupcakes were adorned with white frosting, mint leaves, and blackberries. The perfect colors for her shower.

I forgot to take a picture of the banner I made but she loved everything! It all went off so well and I was so happy it all came together as I hoped it would for her. Of course she got many presents too. I told her I was going to move in with her so I could take advantage of her new gifts too! Now off to relax during our mini spring break vacation! ~Meg {linking to the parties above}

ps- is anyone having trouble with Blogger when it comes to your post layout? Some pictures are ending up side by side when I don't want them to and the typing is ending up all wrong! I can't seem to keep it where I want it to, so sorry if it's a little hard to read and understand when the picture it's supposed to be explaining is not there but down further. Do you know how to fix it?

Friday, March 25, 2011

a wedding shower: mini topiaries.

This week I will be spending time with the boys at my parents house since it's Ryan's spring break. But before I leave I thought I'd share another project I've been working on for my sister's wedding shower this weeked, mini topiaries {see the banner I made here}. I plan to use them as little place card stands to label all of the food. (don't you hate not knowing what you are dishing out onto your plate?)

I bought the little pots from the craft store (these are the second to smallest ones), painted them white and then sanded them down a little so they show a little distress.

Then I hotglued some newspaper in them, and on top of that glued some moss that I got at the craft store as well.

I think they will make a nice addition to the food table, and add that perfect pop of green among all white and silver dishes. I'll make sure to share pictures of how it all turned out. Thanks to Jamie from That's my Letter for the inspiration on these!

Have a great weekend!


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Thursday, March 24, 2011

happy birthday pumpkin!

My baby Liam, a year ago today you entered our family. I can't beleive it has been a year. It feels like just yesterday I was arguing with the nurse telling her you were coming and I couldn't wait for the doctor to arrive... you made quite the entrance and didn't want to wait for anyone, especially the doctor. We were so happy to hear that first cry when at first you were silent. Thank you to the nurses and doctors who saved your life after the embilical cord was wrapped around you cutting off your breathing.
You made our family of 4 into a family of 5, and your brothers welcomed you with open arms and 100's of kisses.

You were and are as perfect as can be.

You love to follow your brothers and do what they do.
You love to swing and laugh.
You are such a good baby and make us all fall to pieces over you.
Happy birthday pumpkin! We love you!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

l'amour est dans l'air.

L'amour est dans l'air. Love is in the air.
My mom and I are throwing my sister a wedding shower this weekend.
I made this banner for her to string up between two columns at my mom's house so it's the first thing people will see when they enter into the house.
They got engaged in Paris.
Epcot's Paris, but still Paris.
So I thought a nice banner in french would fit them perfectly.
I hope she likes it as much as I do!

{how to:}

cut some fabric (i used a muslin and a linen) into the size and shape you want for your pendents, I used 2 colors one is slightly smaller than the first so it is layered.

hot glue (or sew) some jute twine between the two layers.

print out your letters onto t-shirt transfer printer paper (hint: if you have a t-shirt transfer paper mode on your printer settings then this will automatically mirror your image as it prints so when you iron it on it comes out correct)

let each letter dry then cut out to desired size.

iron onto the fabric (hint: press down firmly to get all of the coloring to transfer, press down lightly to get a more distressed look with your lettering).

hang up and enjoy!


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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

flea market adventures: Rennigers.

This past weekend, me, my mother in law and my sister in law along with all three kids took a 40 min trip up to Mount Dora to visit the Rennigers flea market. They were having an antique fair and none of us had ever been before so we took a chance at it. We definitely were not disappointed and can't wait to go back! While I found many things that wanted to come home with me I only brought back 5 items, but they were items I was hoping to find, how lucky am I? First up is this milk glass bowl to add to my ever growing milk glass collection.
I love the lace detial on the top and the "foot" it sits on.
Next are a couple of silver pieces to add to my silver collection, a pitcher...
and a footed bowl.

And finally I found a couple of paintings, an original (I want to begin an art collection of original works)...

and a vintage paint by number which I believe was painted in 1965 (it's a little hard to read). I hope to have a collection of these as well one day to hang in either the boys' room or their bathroom.
When I saw it, it reminded me of this picture from country living that I've always loved... I think it's the perfect bathroom for little boys.
I definitely need to do something witht he frame on the paint by number one and am still debating whether or not I like the frame of the other one as well.
The blue in both of them is what caught my eye. I think they look great perched on my dresser for now. And the colors go well with the painting above (more on that later).

Overall it was a great day and I found pieces that make me happy every time I look at them. Sometimes I even walk in my room just as an excuse to be able to see them. We will definitely be going back to another atique fair, and now that we somewhat know our way around, it will be easier to navigate it all.

Have you found an happy finds lately?


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