Tuesday, March 22, 2011

flea market adventures: Rennigers.

This past weekend, me, my mother in law and my sister in law along with all three kids took a 40 min trip up to Mount Dora to visit the Rennigers flea market. They were having an antique fair and none of us had ever been before so we took a chance at it. We definitely were not disappointed and can't wait to go back! While I found many things that wanted to come home with me I only brought back 5 items, but they were items I was hoping to find, how lucky am I? First up is this milk glass bowl to add to my ever growing milk glass collection.
I love the lace detial on the top and the "foot" it sits on.
Next are a couple of silver pieces to add to my silver collection, a pitcher...
and a footed bowl.

And finally I found a couple of paintings, an original (I want to begin an art collection of original works)...

and a vintage paint by number which I believe was painted in 1965 (it's a little hard to read). I hope to have a collection of these as well one day to hang in either the boys' room or their bathroom.
When I saw it, it reminded me of this picture from country living that I've always loved... I think it's the perfect bathroom for little boys.
I definitely need to do something witht he frame on the paint by number one and am still debating whether or not I like the frame of the other one as well.
The blue in both of them is what caught my eye. I think they look great perched on my dresser for now. And the colors go well with the painting above (more on that later).

Overall it was a great day and I found pieces that make me happy every time I look at them. Sometimes I even walk in my room just as an excuse to be able to see them. We will definitely be going back to another atique fair, and now that we somewhat know our way around, it will be easier to navigate it all.

Have you found an happy finds lately?


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Lori said...

I did find some stuff this week. Will post tomorrow. Your finds are great, love the silver bowl.

Stephenie from Decorating Addiction said...

Love the milk glass!

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

great finds!! Love those paintings. I just love Country Living, too.

Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

OMJealous. Thats all there is to say about that. That milk glass is INSANE!! Thanks for linking up!

Love your guts

bonniegetchell said...

I live in the same area as you! Rennigers is AWESOME! very cool :)