Friday, April 29, 2011

the shop, mint, eye candy, and family, basically some random.

First up, I have some new items in the shop. It happend to be coincidental with their shop debut and the royal wedding but there are some handmade union jack inspired pillows available now here. They're similar to the one I made for my own home shown in this post but different colors. I have more designs floating around in my head so hopefully those will pop up soon in the shop too.

Second, remember my goal to envoke more color into my home this year? Well apparently I'm not limiting myself to only home related items. I went on a whim and painted my toe nails minted {by revlon}. It's starting to grow on me but I have to admit I wasn't too sure about the Kermit green {or if you need a modern day character how about Shrek}. I think I like it for now anyways. It's a bit softer than the picture shows.
Third, if you're looking for some weekend eye candy, go visit Erika and take a tour of her newly renovated kitchen. I'm in love! I'm pretty sure this is how I want our someday kitchen to look like. My favorite part? All of the little trinkets that say it's a home and a family lives here.
Fourth, on Sunday this guy will be 3! I can't believe it! He's definitely a character. Full of energy, words, and cuddles. Funny thing is when he was a baby he never really liked to be held. After he was fed he wanted to be put back in his bed and would fall asleep on his own. Now you have to pry him off of you because he loves to cuddle! He's our love bug. Happy Birthday Mister!
And you can usually find him in his Woody getup.

I tend to call him our wild child, I think he gets a new boo boo from all of his "stunts" everyday. However this one here may give him a run for his money when it comes to who's the wildest one. He loves to climb and at only 13 months he's getting pretty good at it. This is what I caught him doing this morning.

This is how his big brothers reach the top of the tv to turn it on, apparently he wanted to try it too. I've also caught him at the top of the ladder to his brothers' bunk beds. Not sure how he does it because I've only caught him after he's done it rather than during, and the ladder is blocked with things so he can't get to it in the first place but somehow he does!

And because I can't post the two littlekins' photos and none of Booga, here's Booga all transed in his video game:

And last tomorrow is mine and hubby's 6th wedding anniversary! Happy anniversary babe! Thank you for everything! Here's to many many more years together! {I would put a picture of us on our wedding day here but remember our computer is at the doctor's?} So instead I'll show a picture of the world's most famous newly weds at the moment.

Does the littlest flower girl there look unhappy or is it just me? I saw Kate keep bending down to her and telling her what seemed to be look out at the crowd. Did you watch? I need to go back and see the ceremony now, I skipped to the balcony by the time I woke up.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

slipcover for a tired ottomon.

While I haven't been working on new products for the shop I've been working on a slipcover for one of our ottomons. This particular ottoman is a cream colored microfiber that was stained pretty bad (I forgot to take a before picture). Nothing I tried could get the stains out and I felt it looked a little too modern and boring for me anway. I picked up some pretty checked fabric and began sewing a slipcover for it. Complete with a pleated skirt. I love how it turned out.

It's so much cleaner and classy looking now. It helps our bedroom look just that less chaotic. I love how it turned out and can't stop looking at it, I'm pretty amazed at how it turned out actually. I think it helped having straight lines in the fabric design to line up the pleats so they are all even. Yep much better! Now I just need to get the energy and patience to make a slipcover for that sofa behind it.


{linked to the parties above}

hats off.

Well I couldn't figure out the whole Mac computer thing with pictures so my mom brought me her little laptop so I'm back to blogging again. Our computer is in at the doctors having a diagnostic test ran on it... I'm praying they tell me the harddrive is ok and can be restored so we won't lose anything and everything we have on there.

Ok so do any of your husbands think their dresser is also a place to store anything and everything that won't fit inside the dresser on top of the dresser? Or is mine the only one? Any which way you answer it, my husband's dresser (since we moved and lost a huge walk in closet) has become his storage area for all of his hats... he has a lot. I mean a lot. He's not a collector, but a golfer so he gets them from tournaments and buys a new one it seems each week to go with the golf attire he plans on wearing each weekend. Here is a picture of some of his hats on his dresser, I had already started to throw them on the bed for a little mini makeover.

I decided the only way to coral them all in our current living situation was to find a huge basket that would fit on top of the dresser and hold all of those annoying hats that tend to fall off the dresser throughout the day because there are way too many piled on top of each other.
Hobby Lobby to the rescue. I happened to go in for something else but decided to check out what they had for baskets. I found this gigantic one and it was 50% off. Don't you love when it's serendipity? The shape and texture goes well with the other baskets in our room (they're my quick fix solution to clutter). Although the basket took up most of the space on the dresser, it still looked empty to me. I'm a more is more kindof gal so I went in search of some art work to place behind/above the basket.
Ahhh much better...
I got this print for the big boys' room, the colors are perfect to tie both of thier quilts/coverlets together and the feel of the print is exactly what I wanted the feel of the room to be. So I had a mat cut and picked out a frame and placed it on top of one of their dressers leaning up against the wall until I added hardware to the back, they were scared of it! Yep, they say the eyes are watching them at night! They made me take it down that same night. That's ok, I like it in our room too!
So basically the best solution for all of your excessive hat needs is a big ol' basket where you can hide them! His dresser makes me happy now, just like mine does.

Do you see my post layout is actually behaving? Yeah I'm a dork and so illiterate when it comes to html and computers all together. I guess all along before the picture layout had always been on center (of where you want your picture to hang out in the post), well now mine defaults to the left which was what was making my text and pictures lay weird. I fixed it! yeah! No more layout complaining from me!

As long as this computer doesn't quit on me too my latest giveaway will be up on Sunday.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

just one of those days.

So our computer bit the dust! I'm hoping somehow it can be saved but it's not looking too good. The worst part? All of our pictures will be lost! Pictures of my baby's first year vanished! Unfortunately I have them no where else. I've kept meaning to burn them onto a cd or one of those stick things that are so popular but never got around to it. Now I regret never taking the time to do it. Maybe I'll create a flicker account so I'll have them somewhere incase this happens again... it's not the first time and you think I would have learned my lesson the first time around. So that's why you haven't heard much from me lately. I have been working though. I have quite a few projects to show y'all but for now text is going to have to do. I have my MIL's MAC to use in the mean time but I can't figure out how to upload pictures from my memory card... I'll have to wait until she can show me. But enough pity talk from me, guess what! One of the projects I've been working on is for one of you! I'll be participating in The Twice Remembered Cottage's Cottage Charm giveaway, and if I can figure out this whole computer and memory card thing I'll have my giveaway up and ready on Sunday May 1st, which also happens to me my middle Mister's birthday, and if you ask he'll tell you "don't forget it"... oh the ramblings of an almost 3 year old! Anyway I'm sure you've had enough of my own rambling so I'll leave you to visit other blogs now who are able to put their own pretty pictures up while I'm here eating chocolate and pulling my hair out trying to figure out why computers like to up and quit on us all the time!

Hopefully I'll be back soon with some pretty picture posts, I promise I'll make it up to you!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

slacking and a giveaway.

Have you heard of chalk paint? I've been wanting to try it out but haven't gotten around to ordering any. However Shauna over at Perfectly Imperfect is hosting a giveaway where you could win a quart of some. Miss Mustard Seed was the first I know to use it and had rave reviews about it. Now Shauna loves it too. If you want to try your chance at winning some hop on over to Shauna's blog and enter to win some of your own. You've probably noticed the lack of posts lately. After our spring break trip the boys all got sick and now that they are getting back to normal we are getting ready to head up to Charlotte to visit my sister and her fiance. We have a trip to Mary Jo's on the agenda and I can't wait! If you love fabric you'll love Mary Jo's! I have been working on a few things but my camera battery died and I've been to lazy to charge it again until today so I'll take pictures soon and post everything I've been doing next week when I get back. Until then hold tight and I'll be back to regular posting soon! ~Meg

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

mini gallery... sort of.

We don't have much wall space between all the windows and doors in this house but there is a little area of space in the upstairs hallway. It was the perfect size to hang my 3 favorite pictures. All 3 frames were found at various thrift stores and then given the same paint treatment so they hung well together. I had to add in this last picture because of baby's 'I'm up to no good' face. That's the bathroom he's in and usually the door is closed but I had it open for more light for the picture. He saw his chance and made a beeline for it. I think he's saying haha I got in! And yes I'm still having issues with my post's wording and picture layout. Anymore tips on how to fix it? It continues to have a mind of it's own and go where it wants, even after I place it in a different spot! AAAARRRRHHHH!!!!! ~Meg {linked to parties above and Melissa's gallery wall party}

Friday, April 1, 2011


There are a couple of great giveaways going on right now. This first one from Roost is up at midnight tonight so go register your name to get in on the fun! I love these pillows!

Next is Brynn's monthly giveaway. Waverly is giving the winner plus 5 others a bunch of fabric from their new line! As a fabric hoarder this is calling my name!

Good luck! {and if you win but want to give it to me I'm ok with that!}