Thursday, April 28, 2011

hats off.

Well I couldn't figure out the whole Mac computer thing with pictures so my mom brought me her little laptop so I'm back to blogging again. Our computer is in at the doctors having a diagnostic test ran on it... I'm praying they tell me the harddrive is ok and can be restored so we won't lose anything and everything we have on there.

Ok so do any of your husbands think their dresser is also a place to store anything and everything that won't fit inside the dresser on top of the dresser? Or is mine the only one? Any which way you answer it, my husband's dresser (since we moved and lost a huge walk in closet) has become his storage area for all of his hats... he has a lot. I mean a lot. He's not a collector, but a golfer so he gets them from tournaments and buys a new one it seems each week to go with the golf attire he plans on wearing each weekend. Here is a picture of some of his hats on his dresser, I had already started to throw them on the bed for a little mini makeover.

I decided the only way to coral them all in our current living situation was to find a huge basket that would fit on top of the dresser and hold all of those annoying hats that tend to fall off the dresser throughout the day because there are way too many piled on top of each other.
Hobby Lobby to the rescue. I happened to go in for something else but decided to check out what they had for baskets. I found this gigantic one and it was 50% off. Don't you love when it's serendipity? The shape and texture goes well with the other baskets in our room (they're my quick fix solution to clutter). Although the basket took up most of the space on the dresser, it still looked empty to me. I'm a more is more kindof gal so I went in search of some art work to place behind/above the basket.
Ahhh much better...
I got this print for the big boys' room, the colors are perfect to tie both of thier quilts/coverlets together and the feel of the print is exactly what I wanted the feel of the room to be. So I had a mat cut and picked out a frame and placed it on top of one of their dressers leaning up against the wall until I added hardware to the back, they were scared of it! Yep, they say the eyes are watching them at night! They made me take it down that same night. That's ok, I like it in our room too!
So basically the best solution for all of your excessive hat needs is a big ol' basket where you can hide them! His dresser makes me happy now, just like mine does.

Do you see my post layout is actually behaving? Yeah I'm a dork and so illiterate when it comes to html and computers all together. I guess all along before the picture layout had always been on center (of where you want your picture to hang out in the post), well now mine defaults to the left which was what was making my text and pictures lay weird. I fixed it! yeah! No more layout complaining from me!

As long as this computer doesn't quit on me too my latest giveaway will be up on Sunday.


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