Friday, April 29, 2011

the shop, mint, eye candy, and family, basically some random.

First up, I have some new items in the shop. It happend to be coincidental with their shop debut and the royal wedding but there are some handmade union jack inspired pillows available now here. They're similar to the one I made for my own home shown in this post but different colors. I have more designs floating around in my head so hopefully those will pop up soon in the shop too.

Second, remember my goal to envoke more color into my home this year? Well apparently I'm not limiting myself to only home related items. I went on a whim and painted my toe nails minted {by revlon}. It's starting to grow on me but I have to admit I wasn't too sure about the Kermit green {or if you need a modern day character how about Shrek}. I think I like it for now anyways. It's a bit softer than the picture shows.
Third, if you're looking for some weekend eye candy, go visit Erika and take a tour of her newly renovated kitchen. I'm in love! I'm pretty sure this is how I want our someday kitchen to look like. My favorite part? All of the little trinkets that say it's a home and a family lives here.
Fourth, on Sunday this guy will be 3! I can't believe it! He's definitely a character. Full of energy, words, and cuddles. Funny thing is when he was a baby he never really liked to be held. After he was fed he wanted to be put back in his bed and would fall asleep on his own. Now you have to pry him off of you because he loves to cuddle! He's our love bug. Happy Birthday Mister!
And you can usually find him in his Woody getup.

I tend to call him our wild child, I think he gets a new boo boo from all of his "stunts" everyday. However this one here may give him a run for his money when it comes to who's the wildest one. He loves to climb and at only 13 months he's getting pretty good at it. This is what I caught him doing this morning.

This is how his big brothers reach the top of the tv to turn it on, apparently he wanted to try it too. I've also caught him at the top of the ladder to his brothers' bunk beds. Not sure how he does it because I've only caught him after he's done it rather than during, and the ladder is blocked with things so he can't get to it in the first place but somehow he does!

And because I can't post the two littlekins' photos and none of Booga, here's Booga all transed in his video game:

And last tomorrow is mine and hubby's 6th wedding anniversary! Happy anniversary babe! Thank you for everything! Here's to many many more years together! {I would put a picture of us on our wedding day here but remember our computer is at the doctor's?} So instead I'll show a picture of the world's most famous newly weds at the moment.

Does the littlest flower girl there look unhappy or is it just me? I saw Kate keep bending down to her and telling her what seemed to be look out at the crowd. Did you watch? I need to go back and see the ceremony now, I skipped to the balcony by the time I woke up.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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