Tuesday, June 28, 2011

our vacation part 2: Brandon Vt.

Our second stop on our vacation was in Brandon Vt. where we witnessed one of my cousins get married. They choose a cute little town for their "destination" wedding and it was held in the town's Inn, which all the family stayed at. So cute and the perfect spot for a family reunion!

Right next to the Inn, and owned by the same people, is an ice cream and antiques store, can you think of a better combination? See all of that stuff on the front porch? They kept it there over night, and it would all still be there the next morning, I guess no one in the town ever has the idea of stealing antiques in the middle of the night.

This huge rocker was a big hit with my boys, as well as any other kid who walked by it with their parents.

Inside was jam packed with goodies. I saw so many things I wanted but none would fit in my luggage. I had already been to some yard sales and barn sales so my space was taken up!

The backside of the Inn, and where their cocktail hour took place.

I'm pretty sure this was just a maintenance closet but it looked like a secret garden house. I love those types of hinges.

And this was a little "secret" path off of the courtyard. My kids called it the echo bush {from Dora}.

The small town has a couple of waterfalls.

This one was home to these guys.

This one had my kids mesmerized. We went to see it everyday we were there.

I love the building built over the river and fall.

Another thing I love about the New England area is the vegetation. I love how cottagy it all looks.

The town square is home to this church steeple.

And this drinking water fountain that my kids decided to use as a play area instead.

As you can probably guess, they were soaked by the end of their fun and most of their clothes were shed. I'm pretty sure everyone at the Inn was wondering what happened to them when we walked back in to dry off.

Tomorrow I'll take on a tour of Woodstock, Vt. If you love the idea of small town living and character, you'll love Woodstock!


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