Wednesday, June 29, 2011

our vacation part 3: Woodstock, Vt.

On our way to Boston from Brandon, Vt, my dad suggested we stop in Woodstock and said I would love it, well love is an understatement! I would move there in a heart beat, at least for the summer up until the new year, I don't think I can deal with all of the harsh snow storms they have up there.

We were welcomed into Woodstock with this bridge lined with street lamps.

Their sheriff's office was probably the cutest sheriff's office I've ever seen.
I wanted to browse the antique stores but with 3 little wild boys and being all alone I decided to save my sanity and stress.
The houses were out of a magazine.

There was a covered bridge that led cars and walkers over a river.

The Village butcher.

This house sat right next to the covered bridge, I think it might be a bed and breakfast/Inn.
And this guy kept watch out over the house.

This adorned an old house turned shop's front door and now I want one for my home.

The Town's center. We ate lunch in that corner section. The place is called Bentley's and was really good. However you have to climb 26 stairs to use their restroom so If you have 3 kids and a stroller, it's not that easy... plus the stalls were smaller than a normal closet.
I think this was the town's history building. I love the two different sidings used and the black shutters.

I didn't get to go into this store either but I love the sign they had hanging over their entry.
I really enjoyed our little stop in Woodstock and would love to go back and actually browse the shops, maybe with no children next time. Have you been yet? I can just imagine it during Christmas time with the white covered ground, and festive decorations adorning each shop and light post. Can you picture it?

Last and final stop was Boston. Come back tomorrow to finish our vacation tour with me there!



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Tessa said...

ahh... new just doesn't get any quainter! glad you had a fun trip!!