Wednesday, June 15, 2011

summer time favorites Day 5 {Pewter and Sage}.

Welcome to the 5th day of...

Today is Sarah's turn to share with us some of her favorite things for summer. Sarah writes a fun blog called Pewter and Sage. She also runs a stationary business while being a new mom to a cute little girl. Take it away Sarah!

Hi, guys! I'm Sarah from pewter + sage. It's awesome to meet you! I'm so excited that Megan asked me to participate in her Summertime Favorites series. It's such an honor to be guest posting over here at Little Blue Prints! My blog is a mix of home decor (we bought our house about 5 years ago and have been mostly making cosmetic changes to it since we moved in), paper goods and wedding inspiration (I have my own business designing custom wedding invitations and other stationery) and baby stuff (a new addition - my husband and I just had our first child). Thanks for having me, Megan!

1. What do you look forward to most during the summer months?

Summer is my favorite time of year (except for Christmas) and to me summer means Cape Cod. My parents have had a summer beach house on the Cape since I was in college. I used to go down there every weekend (my house is only 45 minutes away in mainland Massachusetts), but now that I'm a stay/work at home mom, I can go there whenever I want and stay for as long as I want!! (My mom lives there during the summer too, so it makes the season even more special because of all time we get to spend together - plus she cooks for me!) What I'm really excited about this year is sharing all the things I love about summer with my daughter Maura. She was born in September of 2010 and so this will be her first summer.

2. What is your favorite summer activity?

The BEACH! I could sit there all day reading my book, watching the waves, eating a picnic lunch, walking along the water's edge, taking a nap. I also love sailing...I'm the crew on my dad's boat.

3. What is your favorite summer recipe?

I love margaritas in the summer and ever since my brother's girlfriends introduced us to this recipe, we haven't looked back. I was pregnant last summer with Maura and totally missed drinking these!

Poor Man's Margaritas

1 can frozen Limeade concentrate
1 beer (some kind of Mexican beer if you can find it)

Mix equal parts Limeade, Sprite and Tequila. (Empty the Limeade into a pitcher first. Then use the empty can to measure out the Sprite and Tequila, 1 can full of each.) Add 1 Mexican beer. Stir. Serve on the rocks with salt and garnish with lime.

4. Do you have a favorite summer craft or one you hope try this year?

I'm really looking forward to trying to paint some furniture this summer. I've been waiting for the warmer weather and I will also have a babysitter close by (my mom), so hopefully I'll be able to get a lot done. First on the list to be painted is this small cabinet in our kitchen. I'd like to lighten it up and add some color - I'm thinking a muted gray/green/blue to help tie it in to the adjoining dining room. Maybe one of these colors?

5. What is your ideal summer ensemble?

I'm definitely not as fashionable as I should or could be. Especially in the summer. So I tried to up the ante here and put together an outfit that I would realistically wear, from places I do shop, but that's a bit more stylish than I usually bother with. Dresses are great in the summer for staying cool, they're easy to throw on and they can be casual or more formal depending on what you do with them. I really like this Slub Tank Dress with Ruffle Trim from Ann Taylor Loft. I always have to have a cardigan or jacket with me in the summer....I'm one of those people that is mostly always cold, and I hate when I go inside in the summer and the AC is crankin' so much that I'm freezing!!! Jenna's Cardigan (here in navy, really versatile) from J.Crew was designed specifically to be worn with a dress, yay! These Merona Emeline Braided Flat Sandals in coral (from Target) seem comfy and add a nice pop of color. I recently attended a Stella and Dot party and loved this Rio Single Strand Coin Necklace but bought a bangle bracelet instead. Wouldn't the necklace look so cute with this dress though? Last but not least, I need a big bag for all of the baby's stuff..this Stockholm yellow and white French messenger bag from etsy seller ikabag would be perfect. The stripes are so fun and give the whole outfit a bit of that casual beachy vibe.


Thanks so much Sarah for joining us today. If you haven't visited Sarah before go on over and look around. Her house is gorgeous and she has some great decorating ideas! And if you need any custom stationary, her designs are beautiful!



Sarah said...

Hi, Megan! Thanks so much for having me (and for the sweet intro), it was so fun! Sorry I didn't generate any comments for you...oops! Talk soon:)

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

I'm with you Sarah, there's just something about the Cape during summertime that is so magical. It is so close to where I live, yet once I'm there it feels like I'm a million miles away...:)