Monday, June 13, 2011

summer time favorites Day 5 {Three Pixie Lane}.

Welcome to the 4th day of...

If you haven't met Christie yet then you're in for a treat! She does the most beautiful, and fun tablescapes for her and her family to enjoy, even ones out on their boat dock. Just like her tablescapes and picnics, she puts so much thought and heart into her home decorating as well. It just oozes with warmth and comfort! Without further adieu here's Christie...

I was so excited when Megan asked me to write about my summertime favorites over here at Little Blue Prints! Megan is so adorable and so talented (have you seen her ETSY shop?!) I am honored to be here at LBP sharing my favorites!


Three Pixie Lane started because of a passion to seek the beauty in an often dark world. I so desire for my children to dig for it and to see the beauty the Lord intends. This is a place where we look for the simple things in life, where we make memories and where we share our life lessons along the way!

I love the lazy days of summer! I mostly look forward to spending time with my family for some fun in the sun without being rushed!

We love to slow down and enjoy the simple things during our summer break. Simple things include spending lots of time in the great outdoors! We love going to the beach, hunting for seashells, going swimming, and riding our bikes. I love to sit on a porch swing and I love, love an outdoor shower!

Since southern summers are so hot, when at home we are either in the water or near the water fishing, boating, or just jumpin' in the lake. Another favorite is getting up real early before it is too hot and having a breakfast picnic at a nearby park. Usually it is pleasant in the early morning, and the kids like the change of scenery. I love picnics, because they are outdoors!

I have a small garden, but love to go to the farmer's market and get lots of different fresh vegetables and fruit. We will make a list, plan how much we want to spend, and then I ask the children to do the shopping. Later, we make our supper with what we purchased. A fresh pizza is a great recipe to have your children pick the fresh ingredients!

Since we grow lots of tomatoes in our garden, I am sharing my favorite summertime sandwich!

Fresh Tomatoes with Basil Garlic Mayo

1 cup coarsely chopped fresh basil

1 garlic clove, smashed

1/4 tsp. salt

1/8 tsp. cayenne

3/4 cup mayo

*Pulse basil, garlic, salt and cayenne in a food processor until finely chopped. Add mayo and blend until smooth. Chill and cover for 1 hour to blend flavors. Spread basil garlic mayo on white bread and add sliced fresh tomatoes. Cut the crust and serve! This is about as southern as it gets, but oh, so good!

Last summer, we tore the pages of old magazines and made a collage of our state flag. This is a great project for all ages. The younger ones can tear, while the older ones glue! Search for 'State Flag Printables' to find a black and white copy of your state flag template!

One of our favorite little 'dives' in Charleston, only serves these bottled drinks. They had a little bucket of these caps, so I asked if I could have them for our summer craft project. We plan to make a great piece of art! I hope you will stop back by to see what we make!

For an ideal summer outfit, these are some things I would wear all summer!

Floppy straw hat with bow from Nordstrom (I love this, but I usually wear a ball cap!)

These glasses from the French eyewear company Face-A-Face. Sandra Bullock wore them in the movie 'The Proposal.' They are classy with a touch of retro and the perfect size! (I'll have to keep dreamin' on this one!)

White cotton dress from Old Navy.

Necklace Marc by Marc Jacobs Nordstrom.

Retro Bathing Suit from J.Crew.

Or this retro suit from ModCloth. (This site is a great site if you like anything vintage!)

Simple flip-flops from J.Crew.

Last year, I made a list of 45 things to do with your children during the summer. Here is the link if you would like some more summertime ideas!

Thanks for joining me! This was so much fun to share my summertime favorites! I hope you have a wonderful and simple summer!

I love all of it Christie, Thank you so much for giving us all so many wonderful ways to enjoy the summer. I'm definitely trying the mosaic art with my kids, they'll love actually being told to rip something apart! Now go visit Christie and all of her beautiful ideas!



Christie said...

Meg! Thank you so much for sharing my summertime favorites! I so enjoyed reading others AND putting this together! I am on vacation right now and hate that I didn't get over here sooner! Traveling all day! I'll stop back by soon! Christie

Sarah said...

Great post! Another wonderful blog I have to check out. Love the idea of early morning breakfast picnics!! And even though my girl's only 9 months old, I'm going to save that list of things to do with your kids in the summer for future reference:)