Wednesday, August 10, 2011

new in the shop.

So I should be packing for the move, but instead I've been busy today making some new items for the shop. Some new pillows are in.

If your living room is in need of a facelift without wanting to spend a lot of money, pillows are a great answer to that! They can bring in new colors and textures and give a room a new look and feel. You can never have too many pillows can you {unless you're like my hubby and just don't understand them}? There's even a couple pairs, if you're more of a symmetrical person. Don't worry I've been doing moving stuff too, I also made myself a new pillow for our sofa {I haven't photographed it yet, you might just have to wait until we are in to see it}. 3 weeks and counting! Woo-Hoo!!!

I have also made some new letter frames which will be up in the shop as soon as I'm able to photograph them. We have had nothing but rain the past few days and it's so dark inside that none of my pictures come out. I was able to get the pillows done outside during a quick stop in the rain.

Ok now I have to go catch up on some packing, or sleep, whichever.

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