Thursday, September 22, 2011

for good measure.

Ever since our first was born I wanted a large measuring stick to track how tall he grew. I didn't want one of those giraffes that measure kids' heights or any of those other animal/cartoon pieces {not that it's wrong if thats what you have}. But I wanted something more simple and vintage looking. I must have missed the PB catalog where they created a measuring "stick" to look like a vintage 6 inch ruler. I was visiting one of my favorite blogs for inspiration and saw that she had found a blog in which they made one modeled after PB's design.

I instantly fell in love, and so did my hubby who happened to be walking by the computer as I was drooling over it. That weekend I set out to make my own, so our now 3 boys could begin tracking their heights over the years.

It hangs here in the kids' hallway, between their bathroom and their bedroom.

We added the first measurements the other day. Their initials and the date.

I love it and the best part was it was so simple! {and yes you got a sneak peak of both the living room and the boys bedroom, I'll be sharing one of those with you tomorrow!}.

Thank you Jennifer for sharing your project and encouraging me to make one myself!


You can now purchase your own ruler here in two different styles.

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SueBee said...

Megan, I love this! My girls are all grown now and their measurements on in the garage on the wall. Ugly!! Good job!

Desiree Guy said...

:) I saw the same post & got to work on mine too! I love pictures didn't come out as bright as yours:)



I love the idea!!! I must make one!!! : )

Heather said...

LOVE THIS. I featured you on my blog today!

Janet said...

I love how you finished it! It's such a smart idea to have something nice to mark heights on while your kids are still young.

Lindsay @ Apothecary Home said...

This is a great idea. I'm not one for the giraffes or cartoons either! This is so classy!

Elaine said...

Your measuring "stick" is adorable! When my husband bought this house, the family who lived here used the inside door of the hall closet to measure their kids, and he continued it by measuring his son there. A year ago, we replaced all the doors, so I took photos of it, so it wouldn't be lost forever! You will really treasure yours one day. :)

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

Beautiful job! Thanks for sharing.
Hop to see you on my blog:)

Hi, I'm Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I just love your measuring stick! I hope you will add your lovely metamorphosis to my Fall in Love linky party on Wednesday.

Until then, stop by and see the under $20 makeover I gave an ugly brass light fixture.

Happy Monday!

meg + andy said...

This is so awesome! thanks for the inspiration! said...

So cool Meg!! Now you are inspiring me to make one!!! ;)


Dear Lillie said...

Your turned out fabulous!!! It is such a fun project, isn't it? I haven't actually marked Lillie's height on it yet but after seeing your marks I need to get on it - haha!