Monday, October 24, 2011

how to heat seal ribbon ends so they won't fray.

With the holidays practically here already I thought I'd share with you how to create a heat seal on ribbon ends so they won't fray after cutting them. Ribbons are used pretty often for Holiday crafts and wrapping presents, but when they begin to fray they aren't so pretty and can completely ruin the look you're going for. I used this technique for my owls...

What you'll need:

a candle or lighter {I use a candle if it's for multiple ribbons if not then a lighter will work}

ribbons cut to the size you need

Light your candle and pick up your ribbon. Carefully hold the ribbon just above the flame. Depending on what kindof ribbon it is some take longer than others. You may even want to pass it over the flame a couple of times until you notice the ribbon end begin to melt. Be careful not to leave it over the flame too long or it will melt too much and curl up.

If done correctly your ribbon ends should look like these on the right. The green ones melted too fast and began to curl a little. If yours melt too quickly you can also snip the ends off and begin again. The ends should look just the same but when you feel them you should feel it hardened a little, that's the cooled melted material {does that make sense?}.

Please use extreme caution when doing this! I did mine next to the sink just in case one were to catch on fire. It's pretty easy and fast when you get the hang of it. And now you're holiday crafts can have an even more finished look, without the worry of your ribbon fraying to shreds!

My owls are now perfect for babies and young toddlers to play with, without worrying about the ribbon fraying and falling apart in their mouths.


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Jaime Lyn at Crafty Scrappy Happy said...

This is really good advice! I have never thought about doing it this way---for ribbons I have always used that glue fray-check stuff---this seems so much more simple! Thank you SO much for linking up at crafty scrappy happy this past week!!

Joe said...

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