Monday, November 7, 2011

craft fair re-cap, and some peer pressure needed.

The craft fair this weekend was a huge success! I had so much fun and did even better this year than last {maybe the freezing cold wind kept everyone away last year}, it even rained and people still came out! Here are some pictures of my set-up. I loved the space I was in so much better than last year... a lot easier to unload and load the car, and since there was only 1 row of tents, the spectator's attention was always on your side of the road which = more customers!

The front view: {I was right behind the playground so I was able to see my little guys playing after they came to visit}.

The left side:

Magnets didn't so so well this year compared to last, last year I think they were my most popular item:

Sweet stands pretty much all sold out:

Some new products that will be up in the shop hopefully by the end of this week, necklaces and pins:

The right side:

A second new item, mini bloomie pins for babies and little girls {I love the polka dot ones}:

More Richard Scarry letter frames than last year:

And my new Let's Play Tag blankies:

Another new item that sold out were these Beatrix Potter frames, I'll be making more of these too and listing them in the shop soon:

A close up of Mr. Benjamin Bunny:

I couldn't have asked for a better neighbor too. Her name is Jenna and she was there with her MIL sharing a tent together. She has some really pretty art prints you're going to want to look at and she's an interior designer! You can visit her at her blog Everyday Clever.

And finally I'm asking you all for some peer pressure. Yep that's right, I need extra pressure to finish getting our home ready and put together. I have unfinished projects, rooms, and areas all over the house. I have this thing called OCD {although my hubby says I really do have OCD, I think I do too} Over Compulsive Decorating as well as ADD, Attention Deficit Decorating. You see as I'm working on a room/project/idea, suddenly a different project/idea/issue will catch my attention and I'm off to begin on that leaving my first room/project/idea at a half finished standstill, and then while I'm working on that second idea, something else catches my attention and all of a sudden needs to be attended to at once, and so on and so on. This leave me with a bunch of half finished, unorganized spaces and now that the craft fairs are over with I can finally set my mind to conquering them all! I have a plan, if I take you all on my journey and update my progress and show you the steps to how I'm going to accomplish it all, hopefully I can get it all done... by Thanksgiving, or Dec 1 as my latest deadline! Tomorrow when there's light I'll share with you the current state of our kitchen/eating area and living area, don't expect anything too pretty!

Anywho I'm tired {is anyone else hating the whole time change thing and see any point to it anymore? We should all adapt to Arizona's way of thinking and leave it alone!} and I'm ready for bed. See you tomorrow!


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Jenna said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Meg! You beat me to it...being sick has set me behind on posting.

BTW--LOVE the flower necklaces! I'm going to have get one soon!