Wednesday, November 30, 2011

our 2010 tree and Tis the Season 2011.

Before I begin sharing my 2011 decor I thought I'd show you our 2010 tree. If you've been following for a while you know we recently moved from my in laws house. We were living there for a little while after my husband was placed at a new project here in the same town we both grew up in. We moved just days after Christmas so I wasn't able to decorate our home at the time {and the year before that we did the same thing from our first house} so I was feeling the need to decorate after not decorating for 2 years. Since my in laws didn't know where their tree was at that time we put ours up.

It was topped with a big red bow and filled with burlap garland, popcorn garland, and handmade ornaments done in preparation of the holiday {all the ornaments shown can be found in my sidebar if you're interested in making one}.

I love how it turned out.

The starfish ornament was bought the day after hubby and I got married from the same beach town we married in.

This ornament was given to me my first Christmas as a mommy. It's one of my favorite!

The tree skirt was made by my Noni for my parent's years ago. I had a matching stocking to go with it growing up.

I really wanted to re-create this tree again this year and spread the same feel around our home {since I only did the tree last year as the only decoration in the house}, but sadly the only box missing from our move happens to be the one containing all of my handmade ornaments, the garland, the bow, the skirt, and all of our stockings I made for us last year too. I even went to purchase some more burlap garland and it was sold out! I finally have a direction though for our 2011 tree, although I have re-done the ornaments and arrangement 5 times now, no joke. As of right now I've decided to use our silver and brown ornaments we have, however the rate it's been going it could be different by tomorrow morning. I'll share soon enough.

Beginning tomorrow I will be doing the "Tis the Season" series again. It will be filled with fun decorating ideas and crafts. I've even invited some fellow bloggers to join in the fun with me and share some of their creativity. It all starts tomorrow and is supposed to last 12 days, however I'm realizing I have way more projects and decorating ideas this year that it may go over on the day count. Come back tomorrow for Day 1 and to see how we're counting down to Christmas this year!



Patti said...

Lovely tree...I wouldn't change a thing...and isn't it fun to have special ornament that mean something!

annewalker said...

That was a stunning and beautiful tree, the inspiration it gives is just sooo perfect for this coming holiday. Thank you!

Anne Walker
Christmas tree decorating ideas