Monday, December 12, 2011

Tis the Season, Day 11: it's all in the details.

I know it's actually day 12 but here is day 11... yeah it makes sense!

I'm sure I've mentioned it before but we are neighbors with Mickey Mouse, as in about 10 min up the road from us. I love going to Disney with the boys. I consider Disney my second home growing up. My dad worked there for years {that's what brought my parents down from Vermont} and we used Disney and it's theme parks as our own playground. I was probably the youngest child to ever be dropped off at the Magic Kingdom with a friend all by ourselves for the day. We grew up knowing the ins and outs of Disney, my first job was even at Blizzard Beach, one of the 2 water parks on Disney property. Sadly my dad doesn't work there anymore so we don't get anymore free admissions, unless we hit up some of his former co-workers and friends to get us in, but my kids get the same enjoyment at Downtown Disney as they do in the parks. About a week ago I decided to bring the boys there for the day to see it decorated for Christmas. I love how Disney does Christmas. It's even more magical and fun walking around during this time of year. Depending on where you park, you more than likely to be greeted by this guy...

The mouse himself wears a Santa's hat this time of year and all of the planters have been filled with fresh poinsettias and other red colored flowers. This area is always so pretty! The flowers always look their best as if they are re-planted every night.

This day we were surprised to find that Mickey had a friend in town from the North Pole visiting with all of the children. {I don't ever remember him being there when I was growing up}.

You'll find his reindeer out back munching on ivy, and in other places throughout the area. They are much prettier than the grapevine reindeers you can buy in the stores. I loved the baby one looking up at his papa.

The detailing on the columns and the entire little covered area where Santa sat were amazing. Not sure how it was done either by burning or stain/painting.

The trees throughout were decked out in old fashioned wooden toys... the boys liked picking out their favorite on each tree...

The gate that helped guide through the line to see Santa looked like it came straight from the North Pole. If I had to design what Santa's fence looked like I would have to say this. It also made for a great backdrop for photos while waiting in line.

Almost there...

And finally meeting Santa. The two older boys loved it and told him just what they wished for, Liam on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with him! This Santa was so nice! after this picture was taken I picked Liam back up and Santa continued to talk to him and try to get him to be comfortable with him, even offering to try another picture and go with him, as if there wasn't a 45 min line waiting behind us. By far my most favorite Santa we have ever met.

I edited this photo with picnik and used the snowing feature to add a little more of a white Christmas feel to it. And yes the army rain boots and hat are everyday accessories these days. He pretends to be Indiana Jones on a daily basis in between being Jack Sparrow, and any of the Star Wars heroes.

Anyway if you are ever thinking about making a trip to Disney for the holidays I would highly suggest it, early December is good as there is still all the same festivities going on but not as big of crowds compared to what it is the closer it gets to Christmas day. It's also a great place to find inspiration for holiday decorating, it's all in the details!

Enjoy your Monday! I'm going to try and get some sleep, a little one was up all last night so this mama is beyond exhausted!

Our holiday home tour will be coming up later!


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