Friday, December 2, 2011

Tis the Season, Day 2: Guest Post by Michelle at It's a Wonderfilled Life.

For the second day of Tis the Season, I'm over at It's a Wonderfilled Life, sharing a tutorial for a holiday pillow I've made this year. But while I'm over there Michelle is over here. If you haven't met Michelle yet you're going to love her! She too has all boys, 5 of them to be exact and 2 of our boys share the same name. Somehow even after chasing 5 young boys around all day she still has energy for all of her creativity. Make sure you go visit her but only after you see her too cute project here first.

Hello there! It's so great to be over here visiting at Meg's blog today!

I adore her style and well I adore her too!

As part of my {twelve day} It's A Wonder*Filled Christmas series, I created some Little Drummer Boy inspired plates In lieu of placecards, I thought these would be sweet and fun! With five little guys, I like to make things unique, but they have to be simple too.

To make some of your own, you'll need...


*plates {mine were $5 for 8 at Goodwill}

*painters tape

*sharpie paint marker {1 fine point, 1 medium point}

or if you'd like your plate to be food safe,

you can use this marker and follow the instructions


You will also need an image, and since this is just for my personal use,

I found one here that I liked. Print the image out and then cut the image out creating a stencil.

Before starting make sure the surface of your plate is clean and dry.

Tape your outline to the plate {painters tape works great!}

Slowly outline your image and then fill in.

You can worry about the little details at the end,

initially just get your shape down.

I recommend shading in one direction

for the smoothest image.

Note: The Sharpie paint marker is permanent,

so just go slow and steady and you'll be fine!!

If I can do it, you can!

Once you have the image inked on the plate,

it will look a little like when you've painted just a single coat of paint.

You'll want to go back over the details and add

embellishments you add along the rim of the plate.

{Have fun with it!}

Here are some more designs I created switching up

the drum and outer part of the plate.

In a row like this, reminds me of the Beatles a bit! {grin}

Do you Pinterest?

Any of these images can be added to

These silhouette plates would make GREAT gifts.

In total I spent about ten dollars, really budget-friendly too!

Meg, thanks so much for having me by!

I have enjoyed hanging out in your beautiful space!!


Thank you Michelle for coming over! I love the plates and I think I'm going to have to make some of these for my own little drummer boys!

Tomorrow I'll be sharing one of my 2011 homemade ornaments, so make sure you come back and take a look! But for now go explore all of Michelle's creativity and fun ideas!


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Meg, my friend, so fun to be here! My sofa needs one of your adorable pillows, stat!! ;)

k j said...

I love these plates!!

But the link to the drummer boy isn't working. :-(

nvogue2000 said...

Drummer boy link still doesn't work :(