Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tis the Season, Day 6: Guest post from Jenna at Everyday Clever.

For today's holiday post I invited my new friend Jenna over. Remember she was my neighbor at the craft fair I recently was in, and was the host for this giveaway. I love what she has planned for you guys today, take it away Jenna!


I love scarves, but living in Florida leaves very little time to wear them. December is when it starts to get cold enough to justify a scarf, so I thought it was appropriate to do a no-sew scarf tutorial for Meg’s Countdown to Christmas.

I was so excited when Meg asked me to be a guest blogger--being a craft-lover myself, I thought this was the cutest idea! At Everyday Clever, I’m all about doing things on a budget, so this craft is extremely affordable…not to mention super simple—so, I hope you’ll all try it and then show me your own creations.

Here’s the finished product:

What You’ll Need:

- No Sew Fabric Glue

- A “Scarf Length” piece of jersey fabric (it’s stretchy & doesn’t fray so you don’t have to hem it)—mine was extra long : 108”L x 15”W

- Pom-pom or Ball fringe in either a contrasting color or a matching color for 2 ends of scarf. Since my scarf was 15”W, I got 30” of ball fringe and cut it in half—one piece for each end.

How To Make It:

  1. Lay out one end of the scarf, bottom side up, and add a strip of no-sew fabric glue.

2. Lay ball fringe on top of glue line along the end of the scarf.

3. Trim overhanging edges of ball fringe

Repeat for other end of scarf.

I made sure that the scarf was laying flat the entire time that it dried and then I used mini clothes pins to hold the fringe to the fabric to prevent the glue from bubbling.

Let it dry overnight and you’re good to go!

Happy Scarf-Making!


Thanks Jenna for sharing that project with us! I'm going to have to make myself some scarves following this tutorial, it looks very similar to my favorite scarf! And all of you who get to wear scarves more than a couple months out of the year without looking silly because it's 90 degrees out, I'm jealous! My scarf collection would suggest I live up north, and now it will be growing even larger thanks to Jenna! If you haven't done so already go check out Jenna's blog Everyday Clever... she has some cute ideas and good decorating tips!

Tis the Season will continue tomorrow with a craft/decor item for outside! See you then!


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Michelle@ourwonderfilledlife.com said...

What a smart way to dress up a scarf, love it! Those would make great gifts!!

{Meg another reason to visit, you can bring your scarf collection!}