Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tis the Season, Day 8: tomato cage Christmas tree.

Sorry this post is so late. I had some cuddle time with the cutest little guy under 2 months old today! My best friend from Boston made a surprise trip down with her new little guy. It was so much fun seeing them and meeting the newest little man in her life. He was such a good baby, only fussing to eat and that's it. He looks so much like how I pictured my baby's to look when they were newborn, fair skinned with lots of dark hair. Mine were all tan with blonde hair {they get it from daddy}.

Anyway back to Tis the Season. I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew I would be making one too.

You'll need:

a tomato cage {I got the 3 ring one}
4 9ft pieces of garland
1-2 strands of lights
an urn, planting pot, basket, tub, {something to place your tree in}

Turn your tomato cage upside down and twist the top together tightly with one side of a piece of garland. My garland had a little loop on the ends so I put the cage ends into the hoop to help hold both pieces in place. Then begin winding the garland around the cage.

At the end of your garland twist it around part of the cage to secure it in place.

After 2 pieces of garland...

I was planning on using only 3 pieces of garland on it but there was still a little too much cage showing and my cage wasn't nesting inside the urn low enough to hide it so I added a 4th garland. Of course a helper to help make sure everything is symmetrical and even with no holes is always good.

After 4 pieces of garland. {see the big tree in the background? That was I think the 3rd go at decorating it, it didn't end up that way}. I added the 4th piece on while it was in the urn so I could get it tucked in tight.

The finished piece with lights on outside our door.

I would have made 2 but because of how our door is angled there isn't any room on the other side to have a second tree up.

I think the whole project cost me less than $12, the urn was used in my sister's wedding to hold topiaries at the "alter" but afterwards was banished to my parent's garage so I rescued it. It's perfect for my tree. Don't you think? I think these would look cute in those wooden barrels you can usually get in craft stores or in gardening sections and then plant some white poinsettias in it around the base of the tree also. That's what I probably would have used if I wanted to spend more money on this project, but something free is always good!

Just 16 days left till Christmas tomorrow, are you ready? I'm not!


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So pretty Meg, I would love to try it!!