Monday, February 28, 2011

union jack pillow.

I've seen a few Union Jack pillows floating around and decided I liked them enough to try making my own. So this weekend I sewed...

There is also another project I began last week in this picture. I'm hoping to finish it today or tomorrow and be able to post about it sometime this week... I just need to find a ladder to reach the rest...

Also Happy Birthday to my mother in law! She used to be 39 for years and years, today she told me she was turning 25... hmmm, I guess there comes a time when you can pick whatever age it is you want to be turning!

Now I'm off to help Booga's class celebrate Dr. Seuss week by reading 'Oh say can you say dinosaur' to them all.

Hope y'all had a fun weekend!


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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a winner.

According to the winner is #1, aka Amanda of Twin Fauls...

Doesn't she have the cutest twin girls?

She said she would like help with her sunroom, sounds good to me! With spring just around the corner I'm getting a little spring fever and am loving all of the new spring lines that are beginning to come out.

I'll be in contact with you soon Amanda so we can get started and have your sunroom ready just in time for spring!



Friday, February 18, 2011

rooms i love series: home offices.

It's the last day of Rooms I Love and we're ending with home offices. Here are 3 that I find completely ispirational. The only problem with them is that if they were my own I would be too busy looking at all of the pretties than getting any work done!

Emily from Jones Design Co. spent days painting "wallpaper" on a few of her walls, the end result is phenomenal! I want to do that some day, when I have the patience! I love everything in her office, especially the chalkboard wall, what better way to write notes and reminders?

Kirsten's is so bright and cheery. I love the chandelier for a little bling and her chevron bulletin board.

Emily's is full of cheer as well. I love all of the white contrasting against the moody blue grey walls. And her collage wall looks so sophisticated in black and white above the green dresser.

So there you have it, some fun and pretty home offices. Not sure how much work these ladies are able to get done in them with so much eye candy to stare at.

Here are the other rooms featured this week: living rooms. kithens/dining areas, master bedrooms, kids rooms.

Monday I will be picking a winner for the mood board consultation. Go here if you want to put your name in the bucket.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

rooms i love series: kid's rooms.

One of my favorite rooms to design are kids rooms. Here are some I have found on the web and fell in love with!

My boys would love Dana's boys' room. I love how there is a car "theme" with out it screaming at you. And I love the initials over the beds.

I love the style of Tessa's boys' playroom. Although it's a place for the kids, it still feels comfortable for adults to spend time in there as well. The orange lamps give the room a great pop of color, along with the homemade art.
Another planked ceiling is in Holly's boys' playroom. Love the color, the bunting, the curtains, the light fixture. It looks perfect. My favorite part? The stairs leading up to the playroom! if I ever have stairs I want them to look like this.

Sara and her husband had this bunk room built for their boys. I'm so doing this if we ever build our own house or have a room big enough to do so. My boys would go crazy on this! Love the color it's painted but you already know I love grey.
So there are my kids rooms inspirations. And as I was typing this all up I realized that all of the rooms I showed are occupied by boys, what can I say I have 3 of my own so I gravitate towards those kind of rooms I guess.

Tomorrow is the last day and I'll be showing you some of the home offices I have found around the blog that I wish were my own!

Here are the other rooms in the series: living rooms, kitchen/dining areas, master bedrooms.

Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway to win a mood board consultation here.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

rooms i love series: master bedrooms.

Today I'm looking at master bedrooms from around the blog. I love the comfort and peacefulness they all convey.

Holly's is perfect with it's neutral color palate and pops of aqua. I love how she has mix and matched all of the furniture giving the room a personalized look and feel.

I love how Emily's looks so sophisticated and almost hotel like, but still homey. I love the sunburst and lamps!

Bryn is still working on hers but I love the color she has picked out for the walls. It gives it such depth and drama. She made the nightstand covers also... So talented! Follow her for more updates of her master bedroom diaries. (isn't her puppy cute?)
Chassity's bedroom is gorgeous with the planked ceiling! Not to mention that it's vaulted. It makes you feel like you're in a lake house. The wall color is similar to Bryn's also. Love how it is contrasted with the creamy ceiling and drapes.
I love those lamps and will be looking for some similar for our master re-do.

Those are the master bedrooms that are inspiring me around the blog at the moment. Go here for living room inspiration and here for kitchen inspiration.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing some kids rooms that have me drooling!

Also if you haven't signed up for the giveaway go here. You could win help decorating a room in your own home.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

rooms i love series: kitchens/dining areas

Today is day 2 of the Rooms I Love series in honor of Valentine Day and we'll be looking at some kitchens/dining rooms/ eating areas I find incredibly inspiring. If you missed day 1 go here for some living room inspiration.

Elizabeth of Kentucky Mama recently did a huge kitchen overhaul. She worked with Erika so it's no wonder I'm in love with it. My favorite parts? The lighting, planked ceiling, barstools (I just saw these in Homegoods as well but hers are from, and the tile backsplash in a herringbone design.

Chassity's house is all around gorgeous but her dining room really caught my attention! Love the color on the wall and the chandy.

I love how Bryn has a mixed collection for her kitchen table and chairs. You know I love anything old and that table is love! She really updates the look by adding more modern style chairs with it. And it mimics the eclectic feeling in her living room.
Holly's work is always wonderful. She just redid her dining room over the holidays and I love it's updated feel. Still warm and country/traditional but with modern touches to keep it fresh feeling! I want a farmhouse table like that!
Her hutch looks similar to mine after it's 3rd painting.
And finaly Emily's newly decorated kitchen eating area has me swooning as well. Love the stripes on the wall, the curtains and the lighting, oh the lighting!
So there you have it, day 2 full of inspiring kitchens and dining areas.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing what bedrooms inspire me around the blog! Stay tuned!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

rooms I love series: living rooms.

In honor of Valentine Day I thought I would do a week long series on rooms I love from bloggers who I find inspirational in their style and design. Today I'm starting off with living rooms.

First up is Jennifer's from Dear Lillie. I love all the white and neutrals she uses. Although there is not much color, it's definitely not boring.

Kirsten from 6th Street Design School is known for mixing patterns and there's definitely no shortage of pattern, or color, in her living room. I love it!

Courtney from A Thoughtful Place has such an inviting living room. It looks perfect for a family to come in and cuddle together on that sectional for movie night. I love all of the personal touches such as the family photos and her homemade subway art, not to mention the v-day decorations which look home-made. She too has many patterns going on all in the same color scheme and it looks perfect!
Bryn from Bryn Alexandra Interiors, the blog, is still working on her living room but I love what she is doing so far. First off the fireplace is wonderful! How I wish I had one just so I can decorate the mantel! Her room has more of an eclectic style but everything still compliments each other so well. And the ottomon with a pop of color just makes the room! I can't wait to see what else she does to the space.
So there you have it, a few of my favorite inspirational living rooms around the blog world.

Tomorrow will be another set of rooms so come back and check them out, you may just find a new blog you haven't seen before!

Also don't forget about the giveaway going on here, for your chance to win a mood board for any room in your house.

~Happy Valentine Day!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

an exciting journey with a giveaway.

6 years ago I graduated from college with a psychology degree and had plans to continue school by going to design school and getting a second degree in interior decorating. Instead I got married and began having babies so I never made it to design school.

I've always thought about going back but with 3 kids it's hard to find the time and energy to actually go to school and sit in a class, I've neer been one for school or going to class (I'm pretty sure there were more days of not attneding classes than actually attending classes. How I graduated I'm not really sure but I did!). Anyway I would still love to design rooms and spaces for people.

I've helped family and friends before, (here, here, and here are some examples), and would love to do more of it. It's my hobby, passion, and dream of starting my own interior decorating services.

I beleive a room can envoke how you feel about life and how you live. Doesn't everyone want a home that makes them smile as they walk in the door and proud to show off? Who wants to come home to a place where they feel they can't live comfortably or invite friends over to without being embarassed about the decor or lack of decor? A home should express the people who are living in it, make them feel safe, and a place for them to be themselves.

Today I'm offering one free mood board consultation to a lucky winner. Wether you need help with finishing touches in a room or with everything from the ground up I would love to give it a go and help you out. We will work with whatever budget you are comfortable with and keep tweaking until it is just right for you and your lifestyle. This is pretty much a chance for me to experience working with someone I don't know and seeing if it really is something I want (and can) do. I love doing it as a hobby but have never done it as a "job".

So if you're willing to be the guinea pig (hehe just joking) here are the rules:

Post a comment below for your chance to win. Let me know what room you would like help with if you're the lucky winner.
Want more chances to win? Post about it on your blog, facebook, or tweet about it for more chances to win.
Make sure you come back and leave a seperate comment for each way you are entering.
I will pick a winner randomly next Monday February 21, so you have until Sunday February 20th to enter.

Good luck and I can't wait to embark on this new journey in my life!

Don't miss next week when I will be featuring some of my favorite rooms by inspiring bloggers in a "Rooms I Love" series kicking off on Valentine day.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the perfect kitchen...for me.

I love this picture of Tia Zolden's kitchen that was featured in High Gloss's premiere issue . I think it looks perfectly lived in and comfortable! You know me and milkglass, I'm going to have to keep an eye out for a pedestal bowl like hers. But my favorite parts of the kitchen are the blue door and the rug. Normally you don't see traditional or oriental rugs in the kitchen, only in the dining room or living room. I love them in a kitchen! It ups the comfort and informality I think! Oh and the lights and beams on the ceilings are to die for as well! Anyway back to my daydreaming...


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

where i've been.

Have you wondered where I've been the past week? Here are some clues...

I saw this...
And this...
And this...
Did you guess?
My hubby had a golf tournament in Mesquite so we left a few days early to visit Vegas since niether of us had ever been. It was fun but I'm definitely not a Vegas girl. All of the smoke made me sick, and I'm still trying to get better from it. We stayed in Paris and loved it! Anyway it was a much needed vacation but I'm glad I'm back, I've never been away from the boys for that long before, it was tough!

I have some stuff planned for next week, you know V-day week, and an announcement to make at the end of the week so stick around, you won't want to miss it, it involves a giveaway!