Monday, January 30, 2012

coco chalkpaint project sneak peek and plans for the bunk room.

A little over a week ago I finished another chalkpaint project. You can find the first one here. Our crib was looking a bit beat up, can you blame it after 3 boys. I figure it has at least another year and a half left with us {if no other babies come along}, and the way it was looking didn't go with my design plan for the bunk room. I decided it would look better painted AS's Coco. Here is a sneak peek of it.

It's actually a lot darker than the pictures show but because of the light this room gets and the fact that the crib is in front of the only window I can't really get an exact picture of the color. Once I finish this little corner of the room I'll share the entire after with you. {it used to be white, you can see it here, and was beat up with many teeth marks from our oldest when it was his. I painted it and distressed it lightly to hide any new scuff marks that will eventually come to it}.

My plans to finish the room contain these:

A little Jack and a pop of red in it,

And I'm still debating on the kind of big boy bedding the crib will be dressed with when it's made into the toddler bed. It's between some classic ticking stripe in either the blue or a chocolate:

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Or a simple cream colored quilt with a brown blanket at the foot of the bed {which we already own} similar to this look:

Or the brown and cream star bedding from PB,

You can see the bedding here, that the big boys have on their beds already and I love it so the littlest's big boy bedding has to coordinate with it.

Some curtains are still on the waiting list, and I would like to create a fun decorative mobile for over the crib {or course it wouldn't be in his reach and hung high enough so he can't destroy it}. I would love a rug but not sure if that will come this house or wait until later on.

Stay tuned to see how it all turns out, hopefully it will be sooner rather than later!


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