Thursday, January 26, 2012

a farmhouse living room in the city.

Today's shade of blue is robin's egg blue. That soft, green tinted blue that is often used in beach cottage designs. However in this design my client wanted a farmhouse look. While they currently live in the city they dream of living in the country, so in my design I wanted to bring the country to them.

They have an old home with great architectural details you don't see in new homes today. Their fireplace is the main focal point of the room so as art I thought a photo or painting of a countryside barn would be the perfect beginnings to their farmhouse in the city. It also would be where I would pull the colors from. Lots of texture through fabrics as well as some metal/industrial accessories will bring the cozy feel she wants for the room. She plans on doing a lot of DIY work for the room so I'm excited to hear about how her projects come out. I'll keep you updated as we make progress!


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Carmella said...

I love it so much....everytime I look at my inspiration board I just smile! You are awesome!