Wednesday, January 18, 2012

my first chalkpaint experience.

As I mentioned here, I received a very fun package in the mail the other day. I decided there were 3 pieces of furniture I wanted to paint and my black drop leaf table was one of them. This was my first experience with chalk paint, I'll give you my opinion of it at the bottom. For now here is what the table now looks like. I used old white with very little dark wax mixed with a lot of clear wax to seal it, then I sanded it like crazy for the distressed look.

Don't look too close or you'll notice my two toned slipcover. I'm in the process of making a slipcover for our small sofa and have the main body done, now I just need to finish the seat cushions. I also want to do something with that lampshade, maybe cover it in a fun colorful floral? And on the sofa is one of my Christmas presents.

Since I neglected to share any pictures from my sister's wedding back in October here is one she and her new hubby gifted us for Christmas of our family of 5. The boys wore vintage looking newsies outfits {you know from the musical}. It took place on a golf course so it was the perfect outfit for them. They were the hit of the wedding, sorry Carlie and Matt you know it's true!

And one of the first pins I ever pinned on Pinterest was of a painting technique using a rubberband around the can so you can wipe your brush on it instead of the can therefore leaving the can clean. Well I finally had a chance to use it... It worked wonderful! And I recommend it for your next painting project if you don't already do it. The little you do see on the rim was from me resting my brusk on top for breaks.

Ok so for my opinion on chalk paint. For a full coverage without any distressing I don't think it works well. That was what I wanted for this table but realized it just wasn't going to work. I then went the complete opposite and wanted a heavy distressed look for it, similar to my dresser here. For that the paint works really well. I think it gave it a much more natural and chippier look than regular paint. I think I'm definitely a wax girl now also instead of a poly girl for the finishing touch.

And there you have it, my first FINISHED project of 2012, I have others in the works that hopefully I will be able to post about soon.


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Anne said...

Love your table!! Visiting from Crafty, Scrappy, Happy.

SueBee said...

I'm a little behind with blogging as you can tell.
Anyway, you wax then sand? I sand then wax. What works for each of us. I need to get better with before and afters. And I'm a wax girl too!
This photo of your family is beautiful! I see it blown up really big and on the wall..
Hope you are well sweetie and I like your new profile picture, cute.
Your so talented!!!