Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a new look for a new year for 3 of you!

Yesterday I shared my word of the year REACH and also shared how it was to help me reach for my dream. Since some time in college I've wanted to be an interior designer. I majored in psychology, I love the study of the mind almost as much as I love searching through fabrics. My school didn't offer design but I had planned on going to a nearby college that did offer it after I graduated with my psych degree. Well fate had other plans for me and I didn't go back to school after I graduated with my BA.

I thought I had lost out on my chances of ever becoming a decorator but the blog has taught me and encouraged me more than I thought it possibly could. I began following and reading bloggers who had become their own boss through their blog and were decorating clients homes without any formal education in the field of design. All they had were their natural talents and experience from creating inviting spaces in their own homes as well as for friends and family.

Technically I have been decorating and designing for 29 years. My mom tells a story that I once brought to her two of those rolling legos and some rubberbands after seeing some kids on Sesame Street roller skating. Now designing roller skates from legos doesn't have much to do with decorating interiors but it does show my creativity began at a young age, 18mos-2years probably?

I always wanted a say in what my bedroom looked like growing up. In college my roommates would always put me in charge of decorating our dorm and apartments. Since I've been married I've always strive to create a homey and comfortable home for my family. I've lived in 13 homes in 11 years, 14 homes if you include my dorm room one year in college. I decorated each one to suit my taste at the time and to be a comfy and welcoming place for family and guests. My sister has put me to work more than once in decorating her home, {they just recently put a contract on a house they are building and have enlisted me to take over full control of the interior spaces, woohoo!}.

Anyway I've decided that this year is the year that I'm really going to work at reaching my goal at becoming an interior decorator. So how can you help? No I'm not selling my work at the moment and asking that you hire me, I don't feel I'm there yet. But I am offering my help to 3 of you. I will create a personalized idea board for whichever room you decide on and if you have any other questions after that I will help you along the way. The only thing I ask of you is that you are seriously wanting a new look for your home, also you have to let me journal the design before and after on here.

So why am I doing this? Because I need more experience. I've had much experience decorating my own home and friends and family but I don't have experience working with non-family/friends. So I'm offering my services for free to the first 3 people who email me requesting help. {I'll add a note on here to update once I have received 3}. I'm hoping this will be the first big step to REACHing for my dream this year. Email me at to bring in a new look for a new year in your home!

Whew that was a lot of rambling! Thanks for sticking through it all! I'm taking a giant leap and will be bringing you along on the journey. Wish me luck!



Carmella said...

What a great goal, and such a fun idea! I really do need help with adding color to our living room! I hope I make it on the list...I am emailing you right now and also very happy to be a new follower!

Jeannie said...

Way to go! I love to see people following their dreams. From everything I've seen, you have a future in design. Don't ever give up!