Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So since the trend this year is not so much as making goals but instead finding a word to live out through the year, I thought I'd take a shot at it also. My word for 2012 is


I'm going to reach for my kids more to give them more hugs and kisses. I know in no time they will be too big and too cool to receive hugs and kisses from their mama, especially in public!

I'm going to reach for my hubby's help more this year. I often, all the time, try to do things all myself. Most of this is my control freak side. I like things done a certain way so I do everything myself to ensure it's done to my satisfaction. Otherwise I end up doing to all over again anyway... but this year I'm going to actually accept help. Although I probably still won't let anyone make the bed, yep control freak!

And my number one goal for this year is to REACH for my dreams. I have a dream that has been haunting me for over 7 years now. Lately I feel like it's been calling my name to do something about it. I actually had started this blog in hopes to conquer that dream but I haven't done pretty much anything else but that to reach for it. So this year I'm doing just that and reaching for my dream. Tomorrow I'll even share how you can be apart of my dream as well. {could I have said dream any more in one paragraph?}

Until then I will leave you with this picture because I hate having a post that's all words and no pretty.

Doesn't it look like a dreamy path or river? I would love to one day do this in our yard... so pretty it reminds me of Vermont!



Beth said...

I feel the same way about posts with just words ! Those are some good things to reach for too. I hope you do achieve your dream, whatever it is, I am sure it's wonderful.


SueBee said...

Great post Megan! First I like your new header. I have been out of blogland for 2 weeks so it's new to me. No, you can't say the word dream to many times...ever.
Can't wait to hear your dream..
Happy New Year to you..xoxo