Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a Sex and the City inspired blue bedroom.

I mentioned in an earlier post a couple weeks ago that my sister and her new hubby just put a contract on a house they are building from the ground up. Anyway before the contract was finalized we began talking about decorating it. The first room we discussed was the master bedroom. She mentioned that she loved Carrie's bedroom in the Sex and the City 2 movie. I went on to find pictures of it. The thing she loved most was the color on the wall. Sort of a peacock/ electric blue color.

Knowing my sister, and her new hubby, I knew that having that bold of a color on the walls for them would get old very soon. They're more neutral people with a pop of color here and there, but still soothing. Here is the design board I came up with for their master bedroom.

{again it's blurry, sorry}. I opted for a more soothing grey blue color on the walls, with the peacock blue on the headboard. Then we discussed putting in a four poster bed instead since she always wanted one so we're thinking that will come in to play instead and we'll use the peacock blue on an accent chair somewhere in the room. Carrie's bedroom had mismatched nightstands. I gave them mismatched nightstands as well, one a little feminine and the other a little more masculine. The other mismatched items in the room are lamps, and a collage wall of different frames filled with black and white photos from their wedding. Some new art and a few throw pillows will finish it off. While she loved the blue in Carrie's apartment, I knew the style was a bit too modern for her so I toned it down to give it a more modern cottage feel, a design she is more drawn to in inspiration photos and discussion. Again I'll keep you updated with the design, even though it won't be finished until sometime this summer, after the house is built, I can't wait to see it! {This is also a warning for lots of posts and discussions about their house progress and the finishes and details that are picked out for them and the house.}

See you tomorrow with another shade of blue and style to go along with it.


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Jeannie said...

I love the mood board you created. I just started embracing blue in the last few years. Don't know why I was against it for so long : ). How did you create the mood board? I need to make one for my bedroom.

Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} said...

The design is great! I am loving the blue in the headboard! A great interpretation of carries room!

Emreen said...

Beautiful makeover... !! Lovely blue... and love the framed pieces on the wall... !!