Thursday, January 5, 2012

wire baskets, my new obsession.

Maybe it's because of the new year and time for re-organizing and clean slates but I'm in complete love with wire baskets for storage. Here are some of my favorites:

I need to figure out where I can find these ones, I think they are my absolute favorite design, the kitchen isn't too shabby either!

One day I'll have some in the bathrooms {on a side note, notice how even the trash in the trash basket matches the color scheme of the bathroom, details!}:

And to organize all my crafts odds and ends, yep that's on the to do list this month:

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

I've been thinking about what I can add above the boys beds to help personalize each bunk space and I think I may add a place to store their favorite books, these baskets would help do the trick:

If you're craving some wire baskets for yourself also here are some choices...

From, these are similar to the first picture I showed:

From theirs is a little different with 2 side by side and separated with a divider:

And's is similar to the vintage locker baskets that are so popular right now:

I really like's also. It has a vintage yet sturdy feel to it, if that makes sense:

Source: via Meg on Pinterest

A wire organizer was under the tree for me this Christmas and I love it. It's a triple vertical hanging one {found at HomeGoods if you're looking for one too}. I'm planning on using it in the office nook. When it's up and looking pretty I'll show you a picture. *Funny story, when it was wrapped and propped up against the wall it looked like a toboggan. I was wondering why someone would get me a toboggan living here in Florida. It has been pretty cold for us the last few days, like not getting out of the 40's. Winter is finally here! Too bad I'm so ready for spring now. Oh well.

Do you all have plans of getting organized this year? I do. I have lots of other plans too for the year, those of which I will share in a later post.

Happy New Year!



Jeannie said...

I love the look of wire baskets. And what's better than beauty AND function. You read my mind. I was just going to post today about a three tier wire wall unit I found at TJ Maxx yesterday. Totally decluttered my kitchen counters...don't know why I waited so long. I'm writing it up now. Could you stop by and check me out a little later? I just created a home blog because of people like you. You are an inspiration! Thanks!!

Jeannie said...

Megan - How funny. Can't wait to see our matching units when you put it up!

The wall color in my kitchen is Martha Stewart Mourning Dove. I love it! It looks gray most of the day but in some lights sagey green. One of the best paint choices I've made. Thanks!