Thursday, March 1, 2012

golden frames.

So you've probably noticed I haven't been blogging all that much lately. I don't have an excuse except for laziness. I've been in the mood for looking through blogs rather than writing any. But hopefully I'm feeling a bit of a turn around. I've done a few projects over the past month that I'll be sharing with you over the next week. The first one involved a can of gold spray paint, dark wax, and a pair of old frames.

I studied abroad in Highschool over in France. I was involved in a foreign exchange program through my french class. {my anniversary of that trip, as well as the day my hubby and I began dating is approaching in just a few days}. While I was there a picked up a few art prints from some of the artists painting on the streets, another was given to me in a thank you package from the school I attended. I hadn't had them hanging since I lived in my parents house before college. They've been sitting in a storage case waiting. Then it dawned on me one day that I had two frames left over from another project that were just the right size, as well as some matts just the right size, bingo! Only problem, I wasn't thrilled with the frame color. Here is the before.

Here is one after I spray painted it. It was a little bright and cheapish looking for me to really commit but then I remembered the dark wax I received from my Annie Sloan prize package. I rubbed some on the frames over the gold with a rag.

Here they are now in the guest nook.

A close up of the dark wax rub. I made sure to get some into the crevices and corners so it would stand out. I was pretty liberal with it so it would be seen. They have a much deeper and old look to them now.

This house is so awkward to photograph, the lighting is horrible {that's one reason why I haven't shown too much of this house, all the pictures come out bland and yucky looking}.

I like them much better now. I called hubby in to see them. The first thing he said is "I don't like the gold". What does he know anyway? They're staying!

You can also probably tell that I'm sticking with the red pillows on the bed rather than the blue ones I made here {chance are I'll be selling the Annie Selke blue fabric ones so if you're interested please email me,}. I like the red fabrics with the paintings better. They also pop a lot better than the blue did. I'm craving color lately, this helps!

I have 2 sofa projects coming up to show you as well, I told you I have been project busy!


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Sarah said...

Hey, Meg! These are beautiful! (I loved France when I visited there.) Love the gold frames and never would have thought to rub the dark wax in, makes such a difference though. So pretty! Thanks for your help with rugs today:)

Tessa said...

they look great, as nice as custom ones if you ask me!! i might have to give this a try!! thanks for the idea!! :)