Wednesday, March 14, 2012

main guest room design plan.

I'm still busy working away designing the rooms in my sister and her new husband's new house that is being built. I finally finished up the main guest room for them, they'll have two guest rooms until a little one makes their way into the world sometime in the future. This is the guest room that will remain the guest room.

They received the PB mum duvet set for their wedding so that was the inspiration for the room. The black dresser they already own and re-did last year here. We will be making an upholstered headboard out of a linen or burlap fabric for great texture and above the bed will hang a collage of open vintage frames in all neutral colors. Above the dresser we will display some Cavellini calendar art in some cheap frames to help keep the cost of art down. Linen curtains from Ikea will also help add some warmth and texture but won't break the bank. We will be making an upholstered stool {next week during our visit} for some seating in the room and the basket will give some storage space for extra blankets or towels for guests. The jute is for a fun project we will be tackling next week as well. And of course some monogramming in the room to finish it off. I picked up something really cute at Target the other day for the room also. We're off to visit them next week for spring break and we plan on doing a couple of the projects while I'm up there so the room will be somewhat ready to put together when they get the word to move in. I'll be sharing them with you when I get back form the trip, I can't wait! Oh and the wall color is BM wickham grey. Are you excited to see it all come together as I am?!?


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